Aquatic Shifter King K

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King K is a regal ruler from Lord Leviathan’s immense watery realms. Though there are colonies located throughout the various levels of the waters, King K’s kingdom is located in the upper-water zone. The upper-water kingdoms are vibrantly colored and full of life. The light shines through the surface of the water and brightens everything, revealing colorful reefs, aquatic plants, and marine life. The upper-water level is a beautiful and pleasant place to visit, and the Aquatic daemons here proudly claim it to be their home.

King K is a large, dominant Aquatic Shifter taking a form similar to that of a merman when afloat in the oceans of his watery realm. He has dark blue scales and skin with a pale white underbelly and dark, seaweed green tips on his scales. King K has long, seaweed green hair that drapes over his shoulders or fans out behind him in the weightless currents of the water. His eyes are piercing, emerald green orbs that take in everything before them. King K’s teeth are razor-sharp and more than capable of rending flesh from bone. In his oceanic form, King K has webbed fingers and his tail is long and thick, propelling him at great speed with each powerful swish of his fins. On land, his tail is replaced with a pair of shapely bipedal appendages becoming manlike from the waist down.

During intense, more ferocious battles it is King K’s top half that transforms. In the midst of conflict, when the opportunity is available, King K shifts his body into a streamlined, killing machine. His hair becomes long tentacles, his teeth a wheeling maw of razors, and a sharp, incredibly powerful beak sprouts in place of his generally gorgeous lips. His arms grow additional fins to aid in his underwater acrobatics.

Upon meeting King K you are met with an undeniable dark energy that is both powerful and gentle. His energy cascades over you like the running water of a stream surrounding a stone. Steady and gentle, but strong enough to delicately carve its way into stone. You can feel his vigorous energy coursing through your aura, vibrating you on a higher frequency. King K’s energy is soothing, inspiring bouts of tranquility in his companion. Although at first, his energy may be a bit overwhelming to some. After aligning your energy to his, King K’s energy will become more comforting.

King K is kind, patient, and generally peaceful. He handles stressful situations with poise, driving interactions to meaningful exchanges and mutually beneficial conclusions. As an Aquatic Shifter, King K is incredibly empathetic. He can read the emotional range of a group quickly and effectively, giving him an upper hand in their encounter. As a king, K cannot always be lenient. On occasion, when necessity demands, he will replace his genial demeanor with that of a stern ruler and leader leaving no room for doubt who is in command of the situation at hand.

King K rules his Kingdom fluidly; with grace and ease. He has no reason to be firm with his people. The people of his land, or more accurately, his waters, have the utmost respect for King K. I am sure his close relationship with Lord Leviathan helps the matter. The only time King K becomes hostile is when he is defending his kingdom. He has not had to become aggressive in quite some time. His reputation for being a powerful King has been carried through the millennia.

King K has stepped through to assist you with connecting to your subconscious mind enabling you to receive messages from your higher self. 

Once reconnected, King K can aid you in deciphering your higher self’s messages that display themselves via intuition, dreams, and other presentations of the subconscious mind such as mediation visions and emotions. Tethered to the energy currents of water, King K has the innate ability to understand and decipher emotions. He can aid you in understanding yours

By accessing your higher self you can receive deeper wisdom about yourself, enabling you to finally accept and love yourself. You can learn who you are on a soul level. This can be especially helpful for those who feel as though they do not belong here. Once you know and accept the knowledge of the power you truly possess, the blockages that have been holding you back from progressing on your life’s journey will begin to melt away. King K is here to help guide you through this deep process of self-discovery.

Aside from connecting to your higher self to learn about your true self and your true power, you can also receive messages about your soul contracts. Owning this awareness can aid you in knowing your path’s purpose, taking a quantum leap on your path, digesting life lessons quicker, and aiding in healing traumatic wounds. Meditate with King K to aid you in uncovering your soul contracts so you can gain a deeper understanding of the hows and whys to the past encounters you have endured.

Undergoing a journey of self-discovery and unveiling soul contracts can be emotionally taxing at times. One of King K’s specialties is to assist with emotional balance. Pulling from the cleansing energy tides of the ocean in his realm, King K can help wash away negative emotions that are lowering your vibrations and use his own energy to help uplift your vibrational frequency. The thought of journeying down the path of self-discovery may sound exciting to some and intimidating to others. If you fall in the latter category, do not worry. King K will be compassionate as he guides your journey and helps you work toward emotional stability. 

Message to future companion: Come forth little one. We have some work to do. Yearning to know who you are and why you are here, you have been soul searching but turning up empty-handed. I can assist you in connecting with your higher self to gain this momentous wisdom. You already possess the key. I can help you locate the appropriate lock.

Vessel: .925 Sterling Silver Labradorite Pendant (aligned with the water element, Labradorite aids in transformation and calming emotions)


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King K does not require a visit, but visits are welcome