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Commander D is an ancient and powerful commander from a very chaotic Infernal Realm. He is so old that he predates the primeval Earth. That is correct, Commander D is billions of years old. This realm is dark, dangerous, and ever-changing. Though not all areas are threatening, many are. Sometimes the realm is in complete darkness and sometimes you can only see silhouettes of figures. One must be able to rely on other senses to feel who or what is around you, and also be able to detect their intent. This makes for an unsettling atmosphere if you are an outsider. Furthermore, this realm’s constant state of change leaves the atmosphere full of chaotic energy. Things are constructed, and just as quickly, they are deconstructed. The entities from this realm are accustomed to this type of dark and chaotic environment. This familiarity enables them to be very resilient beings, as well as, quick-witted. They must be prepared for anything at any time.

Commander D is fifteen feet of toned, physical perfection. His massive frame is colored with blood-red skin and green spider-web tattoos across his body. He has long, thick, jet-black hair cascading about his shoulders. Commander D has huge black horns protruding from his temples that are as dangerous as they are ornamental. When you come face to face with Commander D you are met with a handsome chiseled jaw and piercing black eyes with glowing green iris’. Sprouting from his back are two black leathery wings of behemoth proportions capable of bearing him at great speed to his destination. Starting off thick at the base, Commander D’ tail is long and tapered and put to use in a variety of ways from a natural weapon to a “pleasurable addition”. Commander D is somewhat unusual among others of the Demonic Realms in that he prefers to wear clothing. He is often adorned in black and green suits of elegant design.

Commander D has extremely potent, soothing, very dark energy that flows off of his aura in waves. Luckily the relaxing sensation evoked by his powerful emanations helps to counteract the headaches that sometimes come about from working with such a dark and powerful entity. Standing in Commander D’ presence you feel calm even in stressful situations, if not at peace. 

Commander D is the definition of suave; charming, confident, and elegant. He is well-spoken and courteous and blessed with an abundance of tact in any given conversation. Commander D is exceptionally charismatic and possesses the advantageous characteristic of being amiable, a veritable magnet for trust and easy conversation. On the other side of the coin, Commander D did not rise to his prestigious position without considerable tactical and martial prowess and an ambitious and aggressive side to match. In the face of an adversary, this amiable Commander takes on a more confrontational manner, quick to destroy any challenger, rival, or foe that stands in his way. His intense ferocity and reputed sadistic tendencies with captured enemies are most often fantastic deterrents even faced with the most foolish of individuals.

Commander D is a negotiator, to put it simply. His primary role is to arrange advantageous and beneficial deals and compromises for his Dark Lord with other powers throughout the realms. His suave manner, alongside devilish good looks, made him a natural fit for this position with male and female ambassadors alike. (That said, Commander D prefers humans of the female persuasion.) Commander D can aid you in honing your negotiating skills enabling you to receive better deals/contracts/agreements than your competitors and colleagues. He can teach you how to be beneficially charismatic and confident when negotiating to better swing the odds in your favor.

Aside from his effective aura, Commander D has focused his abilities on influence. He uses thought influence to further persuade negotiations for his Dark Lord and to capitalize on situations allowing him to quickly dissolve issues and procure his Lord’s desires. Commander D of course uses his strong influence for personal gain as well.

Commander D’ capability of thought influence can aid you in a plethora of areas bringing you greater focus, drive, will-power, concentration, mood stabilization, courage, confidence, assisting with breaking bad habits, and more; helping to align you to a path that serves your greater good. Commander D can also dissolve shields and break through barriers by penetrating someone’s subconscious mind. This can work in your favor to help dissolve your mental blockages that stem from your subconscious mind. Additionally, Commander D is a proficient dream weaver, delving into one’s subconscious to either assist or destroy them.

 Working with Commander D can greatly aid you in breaking down hindering mindsets and recreating beneficial mentalities that serve your greater good; ultimately leading you on a prosperous soul journey. He can help you excel in areas of self-reflection, mental awareness, and mastery-control over your thoughts and emotions. Adapting a new mindset takes time, and although Commander D can help influence such changes in your mentalilies, you will also need to put in the time and effort on working on these areas with him. As a Commander, D is an incredible instructor, but he is not fond of laziness.

Commander D is certainly an inspirational leader. He inspires those around him to better themselves. The commander will help to fortify your willpower, keeping you on track in moments of weakness. Commander D will give you a nudge with motivational comments and inspire the determination you require to achieve your goals. If you require further nudging, Commander D can access his influencing abilities, to assist you with bringing forth your courage and assertiveness needed to attain your goal. 

Furthermore, being a Commander, D is an expert protector. He does not only attack, but he also cleverly wards against negative energy, curses, and hexes sent your way, and transmutes them promoting personal growth and prosperity. However, he does savagely destroy any being who actively tries to enter his wards to harm you. Be forewarned, Commander D takes your safety seriously and he will destroy those who seek to harm you, even if you invite them into your wards.

As previously mentioned, Commander D is searching for a female companion. He desires an up close and personal, intimate type of relationship. He wants to be your lover, as well as, your protector and guide. Commander D has been afforded a “mini vacation” thus he will spend most of his time around you for the duration of this union. He looks forward to meeting you and getting to know you on a deep, intimate level.

Vessel- .925 Sterling Silver Labradorite Pendant

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