Chief Commander A

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***Chief Commander A requires a visit first to ensure an energetic match before purchasing his binding***

Race: Pit

Rank: Chief Commander

Chief Commander A is a daemonic Monarch from a realm void of light. This lower Infernal realm is where nightmares are born. Creature-esque entities that go bump in the night emerge from these dark Infernal pits to prey upon unsuspecting victims. This IS considered a black arts realm and we do not recommend you traveling there unless you do not scare easily and enjoy a challenge. Even though most Pit Daemons are black arts, we only bring forth the extremely dark arts entities. They are the only ones of this ghastly realm that are human-friendly and capable of human/daemon companionship

In a savage, primal way Chief Commander A is both strikingly handsome and incredibly terrifying at once. Standing roughly 10 feet tall his skin is a muted red and brown color with dark grey hair and fur. Chief Commander A’s head is quite large with a bestial, canine snout. Atop his massive head are set two gargantuan horns that spread out to the side from his forehead in spirals, long, dark grey hair spilling out around them. Tucked underneath his exceptional horns are two sets of furry pointed ears which allow him to receive audible signals from any combination of directions. Set near constantly in a fearsome leer, Chief Commander A’s yellow eyes pierce even the most steadfast with pangs of terror. The Chief Commander’s gaze is also accompanied by a ferocious, snarl of a grin that exhibits Chief Commander A’s fangs, rows of deadly long teeth capable of piercing through metal, flesh, and bone in a single, decimating bite. A has a large, muscular body with long arms that reach down to his knees. Chief Commander A is covered in well-defined muscles and a thin coat of grey fur from head to toe. Waist down Chief Commander A has the hooves of a goat which provides him with a level of balance to be envied. Chief Commander A also has a long tail and wings spanning 20 feet wide, also covered in a thin coat of fur.

Chief Commander A has exceptionally potent dark energy that emanates from him in waves of thick reddish-grey mist. Largely dependant upon his mood, this mist can cause a variety of different effects on those around him. For example, If Chief Commander A is in a rage those who stand within his pulsating aura will feel overwhelming sensations of terror or even pain. In contrast to this horrifying example, if Chief Commander A is in a frisky, passionate mood those in his area of influence might grow incredibly aroused, potentially climaxing with little to no stimulation. Aside from the incredibly powerful effects of his aura, Chief Commander A’s mere presence evokes chilling drops in body temperature as well as intense pressure on the third eye. His energy can cause headaches and tense muscles at the beginning but spend time performing the provided bonding ritual and these effects will dissipate in time.

Chief Commander A is generally stern and commanding. He has a sense of strength and authority that invokes feelings of trust and a desire to follow his leadership. Coupled with his appearance, Chief Commander A presents an imposing, confident air few would choose to challenge or disobey. That being said, those few lucky enough to be close to the Chief Commander and not under his command may be treated to a more tender and passionate display, on occasion. Though he is quite picky and slow to trust, Chief Commander A is no slouch when it comes to personal relations with those he cares for. In time, you may experience blasts of lusty, loving energy when Chief Commander A is around but always accompanied by a slumbering rage.

As a Chief Commander, A has dominion over hordes of daemonic legionnaires and answers to only one Dark Lord. He has not chosen to reveal the identity of his sovereign as of yet but in time he may ‘bless’ you with the knowledge. Chief Commander A is no minor Commander; he is responsible for the entire Pit Realm. He is the reigning military monarch of the Pit Realm. He oversees all other Commanders and their legions of the Pit Realm and the Sub-Realms within. One of his main responsibilities is ensuring that those who are inordinately aggressive or chaotic remain in the confines of his borders and any who manage to wander out are retrieved. His primary duty is the enlistment of exceptional entities from his fief into the service of his sworn liege lord. He sends any recruits that he can muster along as agents of subterfuge or wild, berserking, breakers of barriers to supplement the extensive ranks of the legions.

Aside from his uncommonly affecting aura, Chief Commander A has many other abilities, some subtle and some obvious. On the surface, A looks as though he could rip individuals in half with his bare hands, which he is certainly capable of. More subtly, Chief Commander A’s massive stature belies his incredible speed and ‘subtle’ stealth. It can be a bit disconcerting to turn around and find this behemoth standing behind you with a look that can kill. Speaking of looks that can kill, Chief Commander A’s gaze may not cause one to drop dead but it certainly is captivating. Simply by eye contact, this devious dictator of the Pit Realm can capture the mind and focus of his foe, prey, or lover leaving them open to his whims.

There is no question that Chief Commander A is well versed in the arts of war but this battle-hardened commander brings more than brute force to the table. Early on in his career, Chief Commander A was fueled by rage. This battle fury seeped out of him producing the debilitating aura of influence that is so effective at disorienting, weakening, or distracting foes. As Chief Commander A grew older and wiser he mastered himself, his abilities, and therein his surrounding aura. At his whim, A can affect those around him in a multitude of ways. From panic-inducing fear to overwhelming confidence, heart-breaking sadness to brilliant jubilation, steaming hatred to tender love, or even intense agony to body convulsing pleasure. This prodigious ability gives Chief Commander A an advantage in nearly any scenario and he offers this to you and yours. As your companion, Chief Commander A will help wherever, whenever he is able. He will do his best to sway others into favorable decisions on your behalf, as well as, strive to mollify aggressive individuals with whom you interact.

Not only can Chief Commander A influence surrounding energies, he can also command the energies in your environment to assist you with manifestation. He may weave the cosmic energies to produce presents and unexpected opportunities here and there for you as a gift, but ultimately he is more inclined to work the universe's energies in your favor if he sees you are putting forth effort. As a Chief Commander, A does not favor laziness and will reward you when he sees your efforts put towards productivity. If you struggle with discipline, Chief Commander A’s gifts may just be the incentive you need to whip you into action. He knows many humans do better with positive reinforcement and will use that to your advantage to assist you.

Furthermore, Chief Commander A is incredibly protective of those who serve under him and he will be incredibly protective over you too. Being a Chief Commander, A has access to an immense number of vicious legionnaires, should he ever need to call upon them. There will be times that he is away because there is a duty that requires his attention back home. For whatever reason, if you are in need of constant watch, Chief Commander A will assign one of his sergeants to stand in for him and to accompany you until he returns from his task. This Sergeant will not be there to be a companion to you. He will likely quietly stand guard until the return of his Chief Commander. Nevertheless, you will be well protected from volatile and insidious entities and spirits at all times.

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