Leviathan's Commander A

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Commander A is an Aquatic-Shifter with remarkable capabilities to take multiple forms. On land, the Commander acts in his preferred daemonic form; however, he can also readily shift this look if need be. While spending most of his time in aquatic environments, Commander A maintains his shifted appearance and resembles an enormous megalodon-like creature, attesting legendary rows of sharp and fierce teeth while evidencing thick and slippery silver-green skin. As a marked distinction to its menacing aspect, his underbelly reveals a bright aqua blue as contrasted by protective sheaves of green spacing along the surface. The overall size spans approximately forty-four feet from the tip of his nose to the tip of his tailfin.

Commander A has a striking appearance in his bipedal form. His skin is an enchanting aqua green, while his long blue hair moves like the ocean's currents. The unique feature of his eyes is their protective emerald green coating. He sports distinctive fangs and obsidian-black horns that are etched with spring-like swirls. Additionally, webbing on his hands and feet reaches halfway up his digits, while a thin tail tapers to a point instead of wings. Finally, he boasts a well-toned physique with water coursing through each muscular crevice.

Area of focus: The wise and methodical Commander A has stepped forth to assist you to unburden yourself of unwanted baggage, as well as the sense of emotional heaviness that is overwhelming you. This dynamic and determined Commander will assist you in identifying unresolved matters and provide support to aid you in processing and addressing them. The ultimate goal is for you to achieve a functional way of life that lets go of (emotional, mental, and even physical) clutter and negativity, freeing up space so that more positive energy can come into your daily experiences.

Message to companion: Feeling overwhelmed by emotional clutter can create feelings of stagnation and lack of productivity. I'm here to help you reclaim your life. Through my guidance, you will gain insight into how to effectively declutter any physical, emotional, or other environment so that it is no longer a stressor in your life. By utilizing my knowledge and understanding of humans, I can assist you to get organized and start living the peaceful, productive lifestyle you desire.

Scenic Photo: Thunder and lightening storm over a choppy ocean

Vessel: .925 Sterling Silver Aventurine Pendant


Note: This summary binding listing encourages you to spend time with your companion building a deeper relationship to uncover the more intimate details. Chosen by your companion, the provided scenic photo in the listing is to give you a glimpse into the mystery surrounding their energy and personality.