Hellborn Commander F

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Appearance: Commanding thousands of legionnaires in the Hellborn realm, the formidable Commander F stands a lofty 11 feet tall with crimson-red skin and appears theriomorphic with a bestial head and a thick muscular humanoid body. Protruding from his head is a double set of large black ribbed horns. The thick inner pair curves back over the top of his head and curls upward at the tips. Sprouting directly under the top set, his horns resemble a buffalo’s and curve outward on either side of his bull-like face. Commander F has pure black circular eyes that look like obsidian spheres aflame with black fire. His pointed teeth are enclosed behind elongated lips and he has a sharp pair of top and bottom fangs. Commander F’s biceps are scorched with black tribal-esque drawings denoting his victorious battles. Ridges emerge along the Commander’s spine and on either side, spanning from his muscly shoulder blades, is an enormous pair of crimson leathery wings with black spikes jutting out from the boning. The spikes are capable of gashing and impaling his opponent even through many types of armor. His slash-dealing whip-like tail has a black flaming arrow tip. He uses the black flame tip to slice through wards and barriers, leading his troops to advance through the blockade. When Commander F is angered or about to engage in battle, his entire body becomes engulfed in black flames that merge into deep red along the outer edges.

Area of focus: The fearless Commander F has stepped forth to aid you in facing fears. Part of overcoming your fears is actually being able to face them. Be it in meditation with Commander F or being put in a position forcing you to deal with your fear, whatever it takes, Commander F will do what he needs to in order to help you overcome them so they no longer hold power over you. When you begin your journey with Commander F he will influence your life and you may be put in uncomfortable positions where you will be facing fear after fear after fear. Each time, with his support and guidance, you can overcome these fears. With each passing fear presenting itself to you, you will begin to notice that it becomes increasingly easier to overcome. Until one day you too become fearless just as Commander F is. When fear no longer beats in your heart all the what if’s begin to dissolve and instead, your heart beats with bravery and confidence.

Scenic photo: Dauntingly smiling pumpkin

Message to companion: “Fear is crippling. It obstructs you from reaching your goals. It will prohibit you from taking leaps of uncertainty that lead to fruitful endeavors. It will ultimately hinder your growth. To overcome fear will open many of doors of opportunity. If it is growth you desire, you can no longer stand stagnant in your safe place. With my support and guidance, I can teach you the ways of a fearless warrior… Unless, of course, you are too afraid.” He says adding a sarcastic smile at the end.


Vessel: .925 Sterling Silver Mexican Laguna Lace Agate Pendant (resembling the Hellborn Realm)

This is a discounted summary biography listing. Summary biographies encourage you to spend time with your companion building a deeper relationship to uncover the more intimate details. Chosen by your companion, the provided scenic photo in the listing gives you a glimpse into the mystery surrounding their energy and personality. Name and list of offerings will be provided to their companion.