Commander Z

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Race: Solaren

Rank: Commander

Commander Z appears different than the usual Solarens. This large formidable  Commander stands 12 feet tall, is extremely muscular, and has sky blue skin with gold solar tattoos all over his body. His long, flaming, turquoise-blue hair has whips of aqua-green flames dancing throughout. Jutting from either side of his head, Commander Z has large, ribbed, gold, bull-like horns. His intense eyes are swirling rays of golden shades. When his lips part, they reveal a set of medium-length bone-crushing pointed teeth.  He has pointed elven ears and black nails also come to a point. Protruding from his shoulder blades, Commander Z has an enormous pair of turquoise blue wings that have aqua-blue along the boning with aqua-green flames along the exterior. His tail is the color of his skin and tapers to a rounded point on the tip. At will, Commander Z can engulf himself in incinerating flames to annihilate his enemies.

Commander Z has incredible Infernal energy. Unlike most Solaren entities, his energy is not light-dark. Commander Z’s energy is considered darker on the scales of dark arts. This means his energy is darker than the average Infernal entity. Such a level of darkness can be expected from a militant Solaren of his position. Commander Z’s energy is so powerful that it vibrates your aura, raises your heartbeat, and brings about a feeling of having the jitters. This is completely normal for such powerful and dark energy. As you align your energy with his, these experiences will subside and you will find his energy quite pleasing. You may need to ground often when you first begin working with Commander Z as his energy is quite potent for the human body to connect to.

Commander Z’s personality is best described as courageous, goal-oriented, passionate, competitive, protective, loyal, and a natural-born leader. He is an incredible Commander who takes his position and duties very seriously. While many Solarens are jolly and light-hearted, Commander Z is not as lax. He oversees thousands of legionnaires and one can not be so cheerful when they are in charge of training daemons for combat. Commander Z is highly respected and walks around proudly (as he should) displaying his power by not cloaking his energy. He enjoys the admiration it gains him. He has a high sex drive and an exuberant amount of stamina. 

Commander Z serves in the mighty Lord [Private information for Commander Z’s companion]. Tapping into the energy of the sun in his realm, the powerful Commander Z can assist you with incinerating your blockages and dissolving that which is holding you back from moving forward on your path. He can also incorporate the power of his sun to blast away your foes.

Commander Z is an incredible and powerful protector against black magick sent to harm or destroy you. His wards are incredibly powerful and if, perchance, something slips in (you accidentally invite it in through his protective wards) the mighty Commander Z can jump in the way and blast the corrosive negative energy or malicious being to smithereens before it ever reaches you. He possesses great power and, unlike most Solarens, l revels in the moments he can exercise his power over those who seek to cause mayhem or try to harm any under his protection.

Commander Z can eradicate negative energy from your aura and your surroundings promoting a mass reduction in stress, depression, anxiety, irritability, and unnecessary anger, replacing the void with feelings of relaxation, worthiness, calmness, and joy.

Commander Z is a powerful healer and cleanser of the body, mind, and spirit. Using the powerful solar energy of his realm, Commander Z can aid your body to rebalance and heal itself; healing and renewing the nervous system and balancing the right and left parts of the brain.

Being a Solaren, naturally, Commander Z is proficient in Solar Magick. Utilizing the magnificent power of his sun, he can bring about great changes in your life promoting abundance and growth. He can incorporate his powerful Solaren magick to foster wealth. Commander Z wants to remind you that solar magick is just as beneficial and powerful as lunar magick. Like all things, balance is important and magick is not exempt.

Commander Z's Vessel is due to arrive any day now until then this temporary vessel has been provided

Temporary Vessel: Natural Citrine Palm Stone

Actual Vessel: Sterling Silver Baltic Amber and Lemon Quartz with a Smokey Tip Pendant

Message to future companion:  “I can guide you on a path of spiritual evolution if you will allow me to. As the sun brightens the dark sky; a beacon of light, I am calling to you. Do you feel my pull? It begins with an urge to meet me and slowly encompasses your mind. Be not fearful to answer my call. You are in need of protection, I can protect you. You know who you are. This message will reach down to your core self and be difficult to ignore. You have been under attack. I am here to put the attacks to rest.”