Purple Flame Legionnaire E

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E is an attentive daemon from an incredibly high vibrational Realm located in the upper realms of the Infernal. This majestic purple flaming realm is a high-frequency dimension filled with spectacular beauty. The various shades of purple vegetation have stunning ultraviolet flames dancing about its surface. Violet waters flow in windy trails through the terrain, bending around impressive architecture, and toppling over mountainous edges, manifesting magnificent waterfalls, and creating beautiful purple-tone pools that exhibit the ultraviolet flame circling around the edges. These flaming pools are of great importance to the residents. The energy the ultraviolet flames produce is extraordinary and is an exquisite sight to see. 

Daemons typically take one of two forms; either corporeal or energetic. Customarily I write about their corporeal form, however, E is often seen manifesting himself in his radiant, purple energetic form. E is an infra-purple humanoid who radiates ultraviolet flames. His appearance is striking and his “physical” form is stunning. When in intimate relationships, E will manifest with his majestic purpled skin corporeal form. E exudes a warm presence in his 8-foot-tall structure, with a physique that is both well-proportioned and defined. His short black hair hosts an energetic set of purple horns, and his amethyst eyes shimmer with kindness. E’s welcoming smile pairs exquisitely with the pair of radiant, infra-purple flame wings that emanate from his back.

E’s energy is light-dark on the scale of dark arts. Purple flame daemons have some of the lightest infernal energy I have felt. His energy innately creates an uplifting atmosphere promoting feelings of serenity. When standing in E’s presence you can feel a pleasant, almost electrifying, shift in your surroundings. His energy has the natural capacity to raise your vibrations and cause an energetic euphoria. It is critical to remember that a higher dimensional being will have a higher level of energy frequency than the average human being. After having interactions with E, it is important to ground your energy in order to maintain balance. This can be done in the same way as when dealing with any darker daemons.

E is an exemplary individual, exhibiting qualities of kindness and respect. He is always eager to offer assistance to those who may need help. In addition, E serves in an Infernal Army and can be relied upon for defense when needed. Although E is a kind and caring individual, he's no pushover. He is wise to bad intentions, and always acts promptly when it comes to doing what is just. He's as capable of offering assistance in difficult times as he is of pursuing justice in the face of injustice. E will come to your aid when you need him most.

The purple flame can be used for both offensive and defensive purposes. E is able to use the power of this sacred flame as a transformative tool, harnessing energies that can then be utilized for his benefit. As your companion, E will work alongside you to help you learn how to best utilize the purple flame in your defenses so you may benefit too.

E has the innate ability to access the purple flame. The purple flame is a powerful energy source that helps promote spiritual growth and ascension. This energy can be tapped into to facilitate healing of past life traumas, as well as sever negative connections from the past that could be blocking your progress. If you allow him to, E will guide you on a healing journey freeing you of the shackles that are holding you stagnant.

If you are seeking a higher level of spiritual awareness, E can assist you by guiding you on a meditation harnessing the purple flame. This powerful purplish flame has the inherent potential to increase your spiritual awareness. It can help transmute lower vibrations, resulting in higher vibrations. Through its sacred energy, the flames enable you to progress toward a more enlightened state of being.

Message from E: Explore a journey of healing and transformation with me. Taking brave steps on this path can unlock new possibilities and opportunities in life. I will provide support all along the way, helping to ease any burden while we work to unravel any soul blockages or past life trauma that may be holding you back. Let me show you how liberating it can be when you break free from these mental blocks. Together we can help your soul soar to higher heights.