Pledged Faemon I

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In some cases, the barriers between Daemons and Fae can become unclear, giving rise to a newly recognized type of being: Faemons. These enchanting entities exist almost outside of the Infernal realm, yet remain connected to its powerful dark divine energies. Generally formed through copulation between Fae and Daemons or prolonged presence in the Infernal, these hybrids demonstrate characteristics of both races and are often regarded as equals among other Infernals. It is clear that Faemons hold a unique place in terms of classification; they are neither wholly Fae nor Daemon but instead derive elements from both sides.

The journey into the Infernal didn't strip away their Fae characteristics; in fact, it only added to them. In essence, Faemon are able to achieve the "best of both worlds" by combining their Fae traits with Infernal energy. No different than Daemons, Faemons too answer to an Infernal Divinity and participate in the social structure of the Infernal. By becoming permanent residents of the Infernal, some Faemon hold higher positions within its structure than traditional Daemons. With these newfound positions came great privilege and opportunities for growth and success.

I is a reserved but caring Faemon from a fascinating realm within the Infernal. It is lush and full of beautiful nature. I appears fae-like; he has characteristics similar to a Ghillie Dhu; a Scottish fae. I is often referred to as a "tree spirit" or the male equivalent of a tree nymph. His Daemonic nature allows him to exhibit either more tree-like tendencies or take on a human form. In his tree-like form, I's branches stretch about 40 feet tall with lush green leaves and a trunk full of moss. At a glance, he appears to be just another tree in the forest. However, I is not just any tree - he is a magical being who has the power to conceal his energy. I is able to blend in seamlessly with his surroundings, making it difficult for others to spot him. This makes him the perfect lookout in his legion, as he can keep an eye on everything that is happening around them without being seen. I, in his short human-like form, has a distinct physical appearance. He has pale green skin with short facial and body hair that appears to be moss. A patch of vegetation is visible on his head as if it were conventional hair. His eyes are completely black and circular and contrast beautifully against his light green slightly textured skin. He also has small pointed teeth, elf-like ears, and claw-tipped fingers. I can be seen sporting gathered leaves and moss for clothing.

When not concealing his energy, I is known for having an unusually intense energy signature, and those sensitive to such power might find it overwhelming. When he does not restrain his natural energy, his presence can be defined as very dark in nature. I’s potent energy radiates through your body sending out vibrations throughout your aura. For the right person, I’s energy emits notes of seduction as it explores your energy. Without preparation, being exposed to the intensity of I's energy can leave you feeling disoriented. It is important to be ready for the strong sensations it will bring. If you become overwhelmed, I can aid you with grounding.

Despite his strong energetic presence, I exhibits a counterintuitive temperament, being notably quiet and shy. He often sticks to the shadows until something or someone catches his attention. Once comfortable around you, I offers boundless companionship and will go to great lengths to guide and protect you. Furthermore, I has a distinct soft spot when it comes to children, interacting with them differently than adults; their innocent and accepting nature clearly captivates I. As such, if you have a child, should your child be in need of protection or comfort, I is sure to provide an exceptional level of care.

I is part of a legion that is dedicated to noble pursuits. As a pledged member, I has an important mission: observation and intel. His remarkable skill of blending into the environment by cloaking his energy and transforming into a tree aids him in fulfilling this role efficiently. He serves his lord faithfully and with great dedication. Due to the nature of his duties, I will not be sharing whose legion he is part of.

I offers an opportunity to connect more deeply with nature and access its grounding energies. His close relationship with trees can be a source of comfort and stability in times of distress. His can provide you with essential grounding skills to help alleviate emotional turmoil and promote balance. I offers a range of grounding strategies and techniques to help you manage emotional distress and find emotional equilibrium. Through his teachings, you can gain important skills to better understand your feelings and learn how to easily navigate through difficult moments.

I can assist you with connecting to the trees. He has the skill to easily communicate with Earthen tree spirits and he can help you learn about their magick and how to interact with them properly. If you are interested in connecting with the tree spirits in your area, I can help you do so. He can also help you learn how to communicate with them so that you can gain insight and wisdom from them on your own.

I is a stellar observer, possessing the capacity to offer an exceptional level of protection against malevolent entities. He excels at staying unnoticed, so you can be sure that he will covertly be on guard in order to actively monitor and identify any potential threats. With I keeping vigil by your side, you can rest assured that your safety is in good hands, even when you think he is not there.


Message from I: After becoming acquainted, I'm a warm and knowledgeable person. I'm more than happy to provide deep insight into a variety of different topics, but it's important that you show respect to nature while interacting with me. My presence can also help you navigate difficult circumstances, offering a strong and grounding support system.