(Male) Hellborn Commander V

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Commander V is 13 feet tall with long limbs of sculpted muscle, a rock-hard torso, and an intimidating face that makes cowards of the brave. Commander V has a pair of massive longhorn style, charcoal grey horns that sprout from his temples and extend out to either side of his face with their tips angled forward. Often kept neatly tied into a ponytail, his hair is long with black and silver coloration. Commander V's bestial face is heavily scarred with 3 gashes running diagonally from the top left to the bottom right and 2 more scars almost horizontally forming a skewed “X”. His eyes are a dull glowing yellow with vertical slits. The Commander’s teeth are rows of sharp fangs that protrude slightly from his lips giving him a ghastly smile whether his mouth is open or closed. When open, Commander V can stretch his mouth excessively wide, accenting his frightening appearance in a horrific way. On either side of his face are a pair of double-pointed ears as if the tips were sliced at their center. A gargantuan double set of wings protrude from the Commander’s back with translucent leathery webbing and charcoal grey boning. The tips of his wing’s joints are tipped in onyx black. From the center of his shoulders, down his spine, and running along the center of his tail are onyx black, jagged spikes that have an almost dark glowing quality as if they are distorting the light around them and casting an anomalous shadow around his entire body.

Focus area of assistance: Commander V has stepped forth to help rid you of toxic relationship ties. Be it in love, family, or friends, the commander will exercise his power and forcefully remove people who have a negative influence on you, and/or your life, from your experience. As he commands the energy in your surrounding, his influence will cause toxic people to burn out of your life. Due to his intense fiery energy, do not be surprised if these separations come with tension or heat. Commander V expects you to allow this process to take place and unfold. He has direct charge over hundreds of legions. Thus he is used to his charges obeying his commands. The straightforward Commander says “To fight these changes will only bring you difficulty”. To put this into perspective for you, fighting these changes is like a goldfish trying to swim upstream in a white water rapid river. Even though he will not put you in harm's way, tensions may rise as the destructive people exit your life. Accept these transitions and Commander V can guide you to a place of homeostasis. He is exceptional when it comes to removing obstacles from his life, and he sees venomous people as obstacles holding you back from reaching your full potential. Allow him to restore balance in your life by removing these obstacles.

Furthermore, Commander V is proficient in training someone to develop self-discipline, which will be needed to not get in your own way during the upcoming adjustments. He is also a powerful protector and will do all in his power to ensure a safe passage as you go through the processes of releasing poisonous people from your life. Commander V is not all fire and brimstone. He also has a softer side which he keeps reserved for intimate relationships. You will be one of the very few to see this side.

Message: “You have hesitation. The very fact that you are contemplating my assistance with eliminating the unhealthy relationships in your life speaks volumes. You know it needs to happen, but you are fearful of the process. Do not be. I am here to guide, support, and protect you through these transitions. There are many facets of me for you to uncover. I can assist you with substantially more than these few paragraphs allow me to portray. For now, let us focus on connecting and getting to know one another. Then the fun begins” 

Scenic view: Explosive Fire

Note: This summary binding listing encourages you to spend time with your companion building a deeper relationship to uncover the more intimate details. Chosen by your companion, the provided scenic photo in the listing is to give you a glimpse into the mystery surrounding their energy and personality.