Faemon/Aquatic Shifter Princess T

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Appearance: The beautiful Princess T resides in a stunning shoreside castle that overlooks a stunning oceanic horizon. The Princess stands almost 6 feet in height with pale powder blue skin and has a thin frame. Her long, straight, hair reaches to her waist and consists of pink, purple, and blue pastel panels. When her hair is done up it is a rainbow beauty to see. Across her forehead, she bears a simple silver circlet that loops in the center. Princess T’s eyes resemble a sunset with colorful rays. Her big doe-like eyes have orange glowing pupils with streaks of blue, pink, and purple in her irises. Her ears are pointed like that of a high elf and are decorated with silver ear cuffs. Unlink most daemons, Princess T wears clothing. She is frequently seen in long flowy dresses that are tight around her bosoms and slightly flair out from below her waist.

Being part Aquatic Shifter, Princess T does have a shifted form that she enjoys taking. Often the Princess runs to the beach, dives into the water, and transforms into a large, baby blue dolphin. Once shifted she traverses through the vast ocean for long periods of time. Princess T shares a deep love for the water and the beings in it. So much that she frequents this aquatic paradise.

Focus area of assistance: The influential and mystical Princess T has stepped forth to aid you in the areas of advanced enchantments, connecting to the element water, and working with water elementals, as well as, the water spirits of Earth. Her Faemon lineage enables Princess T to create powerful elven enchantments that you can take benefit of. The subject of her enchantments knows no boundaries (within reason of course). Princess T’s Aquatic Shifter heritage allows her to easily connect to water, water elementals, and water spirits. She can help you access and work with the element of water, and the beings associated with it in our realm, for purposes of cleansing, healing, banishing, destruction, energizing, and more. When you invite this enchanting princess to join your family, you are also inviting yourself to be encompassed and invigorated by the element of water.

Message to companion: Come journey into the waters with me. Physically or astrally, it does not matter. Let me introduce you to the incredible aquatic spirits that Earth possesses. I can teach you how to properly honor, respect, and work with the water beings of your realm so that you do not offend them; enabling you to maintain a healthy and beneficial personal relationship with them.

Scenic Photo: A vibrant sunset over the peaceful ocean


Note: This summary binding listing encourages you to spend time with your companion building a deeper relationship to uncover the more intimate details. Chosen by your companion, the provided scenic photo in the listing is to give you a glimpse into the mystery surrounding their energy and personality.