Faemon Legionnaire P

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In some cases, the barriers between Daemons and Fae can become unclear, giving rise to a newly recognized type of being: Faemons. These enchanting entities exist almost outside of the Infernal realm, yet remain connected to its powerful dark divine energies. Generally formed through copulation between Fae and Daemons or prolonged presence in the Infernal, these hybrids demonstrate characteristics of both races and are often regarded as equals among other Infernals. It is clear that Faemons hold a unique place in terms of classification; they are neither wholly Fae nor Daemon but instead derive elements from both sides.

The journey into the Infernal didn't strip away their Fae characteristics; in fact, it only added to them. In essence, Faemon are able to achieve the "best of both worlds" by combining their Fae traits with Infernal energy. No different than Daemons, Faemons too answer to an Infernal Divinity and participate in the social structure of the Infernal. By becoming permanent residents of the Infernal, some Faemon hold higher positions within its structure than traditional Daemons. With these newfound positions came great privilege and opportunities for growth and success.

P is a protective Faemon from a fascinating realm within the Infernal. It is lush and full of beautiful nature. Large green canopies of trees with hanging vines fill the landscape. P is a natural shapeshifter and her looks can be quite deceiving. In her shifted form, P appears as a docile, harmless, white hare of a similar size to our hare on Earth. When she is keeping watch over you or desiring to go undetected while traveling with you, P will likely take on her benevolent animal form. In her natural form, P looks like an ordinary human - except for her bunny ears! She stands at 5’2” with an athletic build and shoulder-length light brown hair. Her big, round eyes emphasize her pale skin that's lightly sprinkled with freckles on the nose and cheeks. At first glance, P appears to be kind and innocent; however, she is actually a formidable warrior who won't hesitate to fight.

P has a medium-dark unique energy. It is not quite daemon nor completely fae, but a pleasant balance between the two. Her sturdy energy radiates through your aura, creating subtle vibrations throughout. Moreover,  P’s energy signature has the ability to go from intense to a calming frequency in an instant and is capable of fluctuating in strength. With just a simple gesture, she can significantly increase or decrease the intensity of its power. Keep this in mind if you are having trouble feeling her presence or on the contrary, are feeling it too much.

In her company, P must always be respected. She's connected to nature in a deep way, especially its fiery elements, and tends to take on a fiery personality when provoked. Although P is playful and loves to laugh, it is important to note that her code of ethics isn't the same as a human’s. As such, remaining respectful to P (as well as Nature) is of utmost importance. Once she knows your respect has been obtained, P proves to be a helpful companion offering her protection and knowledge of fire magick, as well as bringing with her the gift of good fortune.

P is highly skilled in enchantments and protection magick, often incorporating the element of fire into her workings. She is an expert in the incinerating energies and has studied extensively how they can be used to protect against baneful intentions. P offers you instructions on how to construct a powerful fire shield to banish any corrosive energy directed at you, as well as how to manipulate said energy for your betterment.

With her expertise, P brings change, success, and security to those who seek it out. Spring is a time for renewal and P is committed to helping you in your renewal process. Utilizing fiery energy, she works to burn away outdated foundations that no longer serve your best interests and will help you create a new foundation so that you can start building goal-oriented blocks aligned with your higher-self. Although this process can be daunting, it is even more rewarding.

Furthermore, As a legionnaire, P has strong mental fortitude. She has an impressive track record for success, routinely achieving her goals without fail. Her ability to stay focused and remain on task is unparalleled, and she is well-equipped to impart the same values of dedication upon you. Procrastination does not exist in her world and she can be a mentor for those seeking to form routines and habits needed for long-term success. Additionally, P is a great instructor who can provide the encouragement and support you need when things become challenging. Her guidance can help you stay motivated and committed to your goals, even when it seems like giving up is the only option.

Message from P- It's time to face the new you and make strides in life. Allow me to help you shed the old self by letting go of harmful habits and antiquated thought patterns. Do not fear your rebirth. Let me guide you on a path of focusing on achieving success. Put procrastination aside, because great things await.


Art by Jyundee