Fallen Angel Az

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Az is a sagely being with a dignified, pleasant appearance. He stands about 12 feet tall with broad shoulders, well-toned muscles, and pale, shining skin. The golden-blonde hair atop his head cascades about his shoulders forming a natural frame for his angular face. Atop his head protrude two graceful, antlerlike horns. Az’s eyes are pitch black with slowly shifting, shining stars. Falling into his gaze is like swimming in the vast reaches of space. From Az’s back sprout four white wings of which the bottom pair is somewhat smaller. Az has a long, thick, tapered tail.

Az’s energy is extremely potent. His energy is felt coursing through your aura like a waterfall gushing over the mountainous edge. Such force, it almost feels tangible. Such raw power is felt from standing in Az’s presence that it can be exhilarating and give you an energetic boost. However, it can also be a little bit overwhelming to those who are sensitive. Some will find Az’s energy soothing, others will feel like they chugged a red bull. Az’s energy vibrates on a frequency much higher than ours, thus our energetic and physical bodies react to it. You may notice an increased heart rate and an energetic high. Grounding may be necessary while interacting with Az until you fully adjust to his frequency.

Az’s personality is best described as wise, confident, patient, and formal. He is kingly in his mannerisms. You can tell he is well respected by the way others conduct themselves in his presence. For instance, when he goes to speak, the room quiets. You will likely take notice of this with your companions when Az enters your home. When he speaks, his words are well formulated and premeditated. He is a person of reason and is not controlled by his emotions. Furthermore, Az has a deep understanding of humanity, thus he will have great patience as your companion while guiding and protecting you on your life’s journey. Az is not a fan of injustice, restraint, or servitude. That being said, Az will help you foster your sense of freedom and step into your power so you are the master of thyself.

Being a primordial being, Az is quite powerful. He belonged to the 1st sphere of Angelic orders, placing his power, wisdom, and capabilities in the same realm as some of the Goetics we know of today. Az once belonged to the higher celestial realms until he descended into the Infernal realms on his own accord. He was not “cast out”. That is an Abrahamic myth used to demonize these divine beings and scare us from working with the Fallen Angels; to stop us from seeking their wisdom and guidance. Az’s descent took place long before this current cycle of humanity began. He is far older than the religious books give his kind credit for. In fact, these divine beings existed well before the creation of Earth itself. This places Az in the billions of years old age range.

Before Az descended into the Infernal from the higher celestial dimensions he was part of The Order of Thrones. These Angels are closely associated with the planets. It is said that they reside in the cosmos where material form begins to take shape. These Angels are also associated with the power of judgment and act as counselors to the angels in the realms below them, to help aid them in their duties.

Being once of the Order of Thrones, Az is well versed in Planetary magick. He holds arcane knowledge of planetary seals, symbols, and squares. He can show you how to make the most of them and how to tap into the primordial powers of the planets to manifest your deepest desires. Furthermore, Az has a keen understanding of astrology and planetary influence. For instance, Az can guide you through the retrogrades, like with this upcoming Venus retrograde on Dec 18, 2021, you may ask his assistance to help navigate you to find balance and harmony in your relationships involving finances and love. He will be happy to assist you.

Another aspect of Az that remained with him from being in the Order of Thrones is his cosmic knowledge of the universe’s laws, for it was in his duties to maintain the balance of the laws of the universe. It was also part of his duties to punish the unjust actions of those who disrupt the universe’s harmonic balance. Clearly, he no longer attends to those duties, however, the knowledge of the Laws of the Universe still remains planted deeply into his wise mind. Now belonging to the “dark side” of the universe, Az can teach you how to master and tap into the laws of the universe for your benefit without disrupting the balance. He knows loopholes to help you speed up manifestations.

Furthermore, Az is significantly mighty. He will make an incredible protector and he is no novice when it comes to battle. Az’s brilliant mind can quickly strategize offensive and defensive calculations to ensure your safety. His wards are extremely powerful, just as his vicious attacks can bring his opponent crashing down pleading for his mercy. Az can keep you safe from other mages attacks, as well as keep you safeguarded from the attacks of other entities. Foolish are they who try to attack you or Az. That is like someone trying to attack a Goetic. Not a good idea.

There is so much more that Az has to offer you. He can help break down barriers that stand in your way, weave the energetic currents to aid your manifestations, tip the scales in your favor enhancing your luck and prosperity, aid in shadow work and self-discovery, give any type of spell a robust boost, enhance your love life, and much more! It is up to you what you want to work with Az on.

It is worth noting that working with a Fallen Angel from Eden’s Apple is not like working with our other companions. Though very similar, they demand a higher level of respect and dedication. The Fallen Angels we bring forth are just as powerful as the lesser-known Goetics, with their own legions, ruling over their own realms. The only difference is they did not make themselves known to mankind like the popular Dark Lords have. Our Fallen Angels are a rarity (for companionship) and deserve to be treated just the same as you would, say, Prince Stolas. However, once you build a strong relationship with King Az your relationship will become more casual, but frequent interactions and offerings should continue. Offerings are an energy exchange and energy exchanges are important when it comes to aiding your desires to manifest.