Fallen Angel King Z

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Z is a regal king with a tall wide frame of hard muscle. His skin is of a pale hue marked with gold and black symbols across his body. King Z has a strong jawline with a firm chin and a handsome face framed by chest-length, wavy, black hair. His eyes are orbs of dancing orange flame that move with the fervor of dancing fire producing a most enchanting gaze. On either side of this lordly king’s face are long pointed ears tipped in gold and golden earrings hanging from his lobes. King Z’s torso and appendages are large, thick, and muscular with a glistening sheen as though his skin is wet. From his chiseled back protrude a pair of massive, white-feathered wings tipped with black. Along the top edge of his wings are rings of gold with black markings etched along their surface. From just above his firm buttocks sprouts a long, prehensile, tapered tail tipped in gold.

King Z’s energy is exceptionally potent. You can feel his energy vibrating throughout your body, particularly in your sacral and third eye chakras. The effects of King Z are invigorating, as his energy flows about you, you will feel your own energy magnified giving you a burst of drive and the necessary energy to accomplish the task at hand. So long as you are friend and not foe, King Z’s energy will be a boon to your day-to-day life as well as your energetic and magickal workings. This mighty King’s energy manifests in a beautiful, golden aura about his entire body bringing to mind the stereotypical golden sheen about angelic entities in our earthly depictions of them. This aura dances in a shining mist, enveloping King Z and expanding to encompass those he wishes to provide with protection. Within his aura, you will feel the effects of his energy most potently as they are in extreme concentration the nearer you are. Within his field of energy, you are also imbued with King Z’s personal wards, ensuring a level of protection most will never enjoy.

As you might expect, King Z carries himself with dignified confidence. He is old-fashioned in his speech embellished by his pleasant demeanor and polite dialogue. Ever the gentleman, King Z is naturally caring and will endow his companion with unceasing encouragement. That being said, King Z has his serious side. When necessary, Z dons the mantle of King with all of its responsibilities. From judge and juror to peacekeeper and lawful enforcer, King Z carries out his duties to his subjects and his realm unerringly. Once committed, King Z will bend all of his considerable will to the task or goal at hand.

During his tenure in the higher realms, King Z was part of the 9th Angelic Order, the guardian angels. Guardian angels were the closest to the material world and interacted the most with human beings. They also delivered messages to people on earth. One of the greatest characteristics of the guardian angels is that they are most caring and social to assist those who ask for help. This particular calling remains present in King Z’s life. He finds satisfaction in helping humans realize that they hold more potential than may be obvious at first glance.

King Z is the ideal companion for those who wish to manifest their desires. From wealth, health, and love to financial freedom and obtaining their dream job. King Z will assist you in the pursuit of your desired life. With his influence within the Infernal, along with his intense power, King Z will be an extremely influential force in your life. Manipulating the energetic currents of your realm to open doors, illuminate your path, and present to you signs that will draw your attention to potential opportunities. King Z takes on many roles as your companion, not the least of which is guide.

More than simply guiding your way to success, King Z will also adopt the role of guardian; a stalwart protector, ever-vigilant. Day and night, he will stand in the way of energetic probes, hazardous hexes, catastrophic curses, and any other form of baneful attempt on your wellbeing. As an ancient entity, especially a fallen angel, King Z’s mere presence is most often enough to dissuade any foolish antagonizing from spirits and entities. On those occasions that one does attempt malevolence, King Z will be ready, waiting, and willing to intervene.

Furthermore, one of the many areas King Z will assist in is self-expression and the importance it holds in your life. If you feel trapped and unable to express yourself, then King Z will be your best friend. He will help you to find yourself and learn how to express your inner thoughts and feelings in a healthy and beneficial manner. In order to express yourself, you must know yourself and, most importantly, accept yourself for who you are. There is no room for an apology or self-degradation. King Z will help to make you aware of your strengths and flaws so that you might understand them and learn to mold yourself with them in mind, strengthening your weaknesses and solidifying your strengths. You may be forced out of your comfort zone on occasion but this is necessary for personal growth. Worry not, King Z will be by your side ever.

Moreover, by working with King Z you may find that you’re inspired to make unexpected changes in your life that facilitate a greater sense of freedom. It would be wise to consult with King Z on a regular basis that he might help you determine the best course of action when new opportunities present themselves. Allow this new sense of freedom to inspire you and drive you, but a word from the wise King “let not yourself be lost in the vast expanse of opportunity. Maintain focus on thy objective and success you shall discover.”

Message from King Z: “With more than 8 billion humans on your planet, the chances of you not being aligned with others is an impracticable fear. You need not conform to another’s idea to be accepted. Fear not thine differences, for true beauty gleams alongside uniqueness. You will shine most keenly when you set yourself apart from the rabble. Be forewarned, some will be unable to handle your illumination, thus they may attempt to dampen your glow. Let not their attempts deter you from the greatness that makes you, you. I shall be by your side to guide and protect you along your journey.”

Vessel: Platinum Coated Aura Druzy set in .925 Sterling Silver Pendant

Note: This photo is not exact, but it is a close resemblance for King Z