Fallen Angel R

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Race: Fallen Angel

Rank: King


King R rules over an entire realm and is the Lord of the sub-realm kings in his domain. The admirable Fallen Angel R stands an impressive 13 feet tall in his natural form. He has a silvery blue skin tone that emits a soft silver auric glow. King R enjoys taking on a more human-like form, thus this is how he will present himself to you. This regal king is quite handsome with a strong muscular build. Above his head floats a silver ring of fire, a comedic mockery of the Abrahamic interpretation of an angelic halo. King R’s straight, frost-white hair is kept neatly tied back with few strands dangling in his face; adding character to his appearance. The silver strands softy grace his upper cheeks, exposing his intriguing deep ocean blue eyes speckled with swirling bits of silver. In the center of his eyes rest glowing gold pupils, perfectly accenting his gold crown. Sprouting from King R’s shoulder blades is a gargantuan pair of white-feathery wings tipped in silver. The king is typically nude from the waist up, revealing his ribbed abs, chest, and arms. His lower half is covered by loose-fitting cloth pants.

Areas of assistance~ Previously being of the Cheribum Angelic Order, King R is very familiar with the masterless master King Belial, in fact, one might even venture to say they have similar personalities. That being said, the mighty King R has stepped forth to aid you with financial gain, financial stability, prosperity, new beginnings, career advancement, acquiring materialistic manifestations, and spiritual alignment. If you are looking for spiritual advancement and desire to walk a prosperous path, King R is calling to you. Bear in mind, the influential King R will first work to deconstruct your current situation in order to make way for new beginnings and manifestations that are in line with your core self. When we become aligned with our core being, life tends to flow more smoothly. After the Tower card comes the Star. A representation of an abundance of blessings.

Note: The Fallen Angels that Eden’s Apple brings forth are just as mighty as some of the Goetic Deities. That being said, they deserve your utmost respect and to be treated as you would their fellow Goetic brothers and sisters. Just because King R did not make himself known to Solomon, or any other human in the past, does not mean he is less capable than his Goetic “siblings”. On the contrary, he is just as capable. Remember this when interacting with him.

Vessel: .925 Sterling Silver Charoite in Chrysocolla Pendant

*** This is a discounted summary binding listing. Summary biographies encourage you to spend time with your companion building a deeper relationship to uncover the more intimate details. Chosen by your companion, the provided scenic photo in the listing gives you a glimpse into the mystery surrounding their energy and personality.***