Hellborn General in Training R

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General in Training R appears as a massive crimson red Daemon standing about 15 feet tall in his natural form. He has an impressively large muscular physique covered in red, glowing, animated, magna-like tattoos outlined in black. His sizeable, thick,  jet black, serrated, horns protruding from his forehead, curve backward, down, then forward. His fiery eyes appear to be comprised of dancing orange and red flame. His ears are pointed but hidden by his horns. General in Training R has intense masculine facial features. When his lips part to speak, he shows off his pointed white teeth with a double set of top fangs and his long pointed tongue (a favorable attribute amongst the ladies). R has massive leathery wings with inward curved black spikes on the top joints and straight spikes that jut out from the boning. His wings are crimson red with black along the boning fading into the red as it stretches across his webbing. His long tapered tail is sleek unless covered in armor, which then it has razor spines used to sever limbs. General in Training R is naturally built to deliver extreme amounts of damage. His sharpened, retractable, raptor talons, razor shredding teeth, powerful striking tail, and penetrating spikes emerging from his wings is enough to slash, gash, plunder, crush bones, decapitate heads, and sever limbs. Covered in armor and armed with weapons; General in Training R is a destructive and deadly force to be faced with.

Being an ancient Hellborn Daemon, General in Training R has exceptionally powerful energy. His potent energy is very dark arts and is enough to make you woozy with your first interactions. Lightheadedness, rapid heartbeat, weighted energy, a feeling similar to anxiousness, nauseousness, are some common side effects on the human body from such vigorous and dark energy.  Furthermore, General in Training R’s primal fiery energy can be felt activating your root and solar plexus chakras. The element fire is commonly associated with the solar plexus chakra; your energy center for personal power, willpower, and ambition. A fitting association for a warrior such as R. If his energy becomes overbearing (as it very well may) try grounding or asking him to lessen his energy. Completing the bonding ritual will assist you to adjust quicker.

General in Training R is an eminent figure in the Hellborn Legions. His name holds honor and he is treated with a great deal of respect. He is intimidating to many and his capability to command hundreds of thousands of legionnaires is quite impressive. G.I.T R has a lot of power at his fingertips, but he does not abuse said power. He has exceptional control over his temperament and is typically not hasty to anger. One of his stature must be in control of their emotions lest they make a costly mistake in battle. He may become agitated by nonsense and share a few choice words in a sarcastic tone, as he is the serious type, but being irritated is far from angry. When angry, G.I.T R strikes terror in the hearts of others and everyone scatters out of his way. There is one thing I must warn you of, G.I.T R does not have patience for disrespect. He is accustomed to receiving a high level of respect and will expect that of you and your spirit family. R practices an old code of ethics and he will treat you all how you treat him. Worry not, as long as you maintain respect he will not become angry with you or your companions. Anger is reserved for disrespectful foes. Foolish is the simpleton who invokes ire in R. He will rain down a fiery fury upon them. Aside from that, G.I.T R is pretty reserved. After getting to know him and developing a relationship with him, G.I.T R will lax his seriousness and be more open to casual interactions. I could go on and on about this powerful entity, but that would take up a lot of space. Let me highlight a few more key personality traits before moving forward. G.I.T R is highly intelligent, takes calculated steps, a strong strategizer, extremely confident, proud, a quick thinker/problem solver, and a natural-born warrior and leader. His loyalty is immeasurable and protectiveness admirable. Attracted to power, the ladies fight with each other for a chance to walk by his side.

General in Training R has been a member of the reputable Hellborn Army for hundreds of thousands of years. It takes a high level of skill, competency, and ability to command, as well as, an extremely long time in service to reach the esteemed status of Commander, let alone to be training as a General. General is the rank directly under a Dark Lord. It is the highest accomplishment in the Infernal Legions. G.I.T R has worked hard, proved himself worthy, and won many battles to procure his rank in the Hellborn Army. General in Training R oversees thousands of legions. He is in charge of maintaining proper training of the legionnaires. The Hellborn Army is a formidable army; one that strikes fear in many. Proud are those who can say they are a part of a Hellborn Legion.

G.I.T R will make an incredible protector. His renowned offensive and defensive skills speak volumes. He can erect shields reinforced with multi-layers designed for specific purposes to meet any need you have. G.I.T R can get extremely creative, and downright devastating to the aggressor. I will not list his methods here, as they are for your protection. However, I will say sit back and let G.I.T R have his fun. He can also conjure up some pretty wicked things for offensive magick. You are well protected with this powerful militant as your guardian.

G.I.T R can assist you in the transformation of your own existence while elevating your consciousness to new, unimaginable heights. He can push you to completely dissolve your idea of who you are so you can begin to rebuild the true image of yourself. You may have heard this referred to as ego death. Believe it or not, you have been conditioned by people in your life, environment, music, television, friends, peers, family, idols, school, and the media. Subconsciously you have been acclimated how to think, act, and look. Since you were a younging, throughout your development, all of these external forces joined together, creating a complex personality with ideas, desires, ambitions, fears, attitude/behavior patterns, beliefs, aptitudes, etc. It is an illusion. G.I.T R can help you to get in touch with your true self. Through the death of your ego, the real you can shine through. It is time to get in touch with your core being and illuminate yourself. G.I.T R knows the human ego death can be difficult. He is prepared to accept the challenge to assist you with yours. 

Being a General in Training, R specializes in motivation and instilling self-discipline in others. He can assist you in these areas but you must be willing to accept his help. He will not be too abrasive while training you and he will attempt to motivate you to spring into action, but you must be receptive to his training. He can only help you as much as you will let him. G.I.T R can assist you to make the radical changes necessary to live your life to the fullest potential. He warns that the changes begin from within. He has the know-how to help you transform and the determination to push you to make these changes. He does not understand why humans work so hard against themselves, but he is here to aid you with putting a stop to this self-destructive behavior lest you fall prey to it. Do not be prey. Follow G.I.T R’s guidance and learn how to dominate your reality.

Furthermore, G.I.T R is a powerful spell caster and manipulator of energy. He understands the intricacies of source energy and he can guide the threads of fate to weave in the directions for his specified purpose. Being of the Hellborn Realm, G.I.T R likes to incorporate elements and energies of fire, lava, steam, and ash into his workings. When in his realm, G.I.T R can summon these elements or their energy and combine them in warfare. He can also conjure these energies, merge them with his own energy, and apply them to your magick to add an incredibly powerful boost. With G.I.T R’s aid, your spells will yield more powerful results, and a faster turnaround time.

Aside from being a phenomenal protector, magnificent manifestor, marvelous motivator, and terrific with transformation, General in Training R can assist in a plethora of other areas including, but not limited to, increasing courage, overcoming restrictive fears, taking action to pursue your passions, providing inspiration, eradicating negative energy from you and your space, aiding with dissolving negative thought patterns and encouraging spiritual awakening and growth. 


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