Glacial Hybrid King N

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King N stands a towering 10 feet tall, with icy blue skin and a medium, but muscular build. His straight, stark-white hair falls gently right below his shoulders and contours his handsome, semi-feminine-looking, angular face. Protruding from atop King N’s head is a pair of white ringed horns that grow in a backward fashion. His eyes illuminate a brilliant white color drawing your attention to them. When his frosted lips move to speak, sharp teeth are visible and his fangs are revealed. King N has long pointed ears like that of a high elf.  Emerging from his shoulder blades is a pair of iridescent dragonfly-like wings that look to be made of glass. However, they are far more durable than glass and are powerful enough to cut like diamonds. He is often seen adorning a crown made of un-meltable ice that has sculpted snowflakes on the points, wearing a royal cape outlined in long fur, and carrying a magickal scepter that has a frosty white crystal encased at the top which looks similar to selenite. King N has a very regal appearance.

King N has vigorous, medium-dark, daemonic energy. His weighted energy carries a chill as it gently caresses your skin when he is near. Having such strong energy, King N’s energy is easily noticeable as shifts your surrounding atmosphere adding a density that was not previously there. Aside from the energetically heavy, and physically chilly affects his energy has on you, King N’s energy also emanates calming and sometimes seductive energy; permeating your aura.

King N’s majestic personality is of great sovereignty. He is well known and respected amongst the Glacials for his renowned magick casting capabilities. Being part Glacial and part Faemon, King N’s magick is impressively effective. Furthermore, he has a generally neutral temperament, that is until someone tips the scales. However, lucky for you, King N’s personality mostly takes after his Glacial side. He is not easily offended and possesses a great deal of patience. Nevertheless, he does not tolerate blatant disrespect and will seek retribution. King N rules with intelligence and persuasion as opposed to brute force, but he is not afraid to “lay down the law” when duty calls. Furthermore, this regal king enjoys riches and the finer things in life, especially when he is gifted with offerings from his people (and soon from you). He is a fair King though, the more you gift him with, the more he will return the favor.

As previously stated, due to his faemon bloodline, King N is highly gifted in magick; all magicks. He can aid you in strengthening any type of spell from career and wealth, to love, psychic ability advancement, health, and all in between. King N is particularly fond of Ice and snow magick. He can use his remarkable ice magick to aid your growth and development. He can freeze that which no longer serves you, removing it from your life, to halt attacks in their tracks, as well as, to freeze and shatter obstacles that are standing in your path. 

Known as the purifier, King N can also help eradicate negative energy and people from your life. Those negative and/or narcissistic people zapping you of your energy, King N can aid in removing them from your life by blocking and severing their sticky energy-draining tethers, resulting in them moving on to other targets. Using his snow magick, he can cleanse away your built-up negative energy, allowing your life force energy to flow freely, and leaving you feeling invigorated like taking a breath of fresh crisp winter air. 

Furthermore, King N has the pacifying ability to calm anger and soothe stress enabling you to become balanced quicker. By cleansing you regularly and aiding in stress and anger relief, King N can assist you to live a more peaceful and balanced life, thus permitting you to manifest easier. He can help place you in energetic alignment with your desires ergo promote you to attract them quicker. Additionally, King N can help increase your luck, but remember, the more energy you put into this union to more beneficial it will be for you.

Vessel: .925 Sterling Silver Moss Agate Pendant


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