Glacial Princess W

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W is a gorgeous princess from a very frosty realm in the Infernal.

This realm is full of ice and snow, as far as the eye can see, and further. It reminds me of a wintery wonderland with blistering cold air and constant falling of ice and/or snow. Everything looks so fresh and pure covered in a white blanket of cleansing snow. The icy trees glisten as light reflects off of their surfaces. You can see fresh trails of beaten-down snow from the residents moving about their daily lives. The animals in this realm tend to have white fur to act as camouflage against their predators. Though this realm seems frigid, to the locals it is ordinary. The cold does not affect them as an arctic environment would us.

Princess W stands about 5’10 with a slender but shapely body build. She has pastel light-blue skin that glistens like ice when light shines upon her. Her beautiful black wavy hair fades to light blue, then white at the tips. Protruding from behind her black spiky crown is a pair of black, ribbed, curled, ram-like horns that are tipped with sky blue. Her mesmerizing eyes glow solid white giving her a mystical air. Princess W has a beautiful, delicate, angular, facial structure with thin black eyebrows and dark blue painted lips; drawing even more attention to her bright eyes and fanged teeth. Emerging from her shoulder blades are a pair of dragon-like, light blue scaled wings that have black scales along the boning. Jutting out from the boning are black spikes and extending from her wing joints are curved talon-shaped spikes. Princess W has a tapered tail that is thick at the base and has short black spines running down the center.

Princess W’s energy is not like the typical light-dark Glacial’s energy. Her energy is darker than usual measuring darker than normal for Infernal beings on the scale of dark arts. Her strong energy can be felt cascading over you and changing the vibrational frequency of the atmosphere. An immediate shift in the energy current can be felt as soon as she enters the room. Princess W has a strong presence and it can even be felt as light cool breezes across your skin or cold spots. To the third eye, her energy shows as a brilliant light blue color, akin to her skin. Overall, Princess W has pleasantly dark energy. Even though it is strong, it is not overwhelming.

Being a warrior princess, W’s personality is also darker than most Glacials. She is enthralled with the idea of combat and loves to train, spar, and compete in gladiator-like competitions regularly. She is not afraid to pick up a sword and swing it, or energetically blast someone away. Though Princess W is not one to go looking for trouble, should trouble knock on her door, she will gladly open it and meet it with a wintery fury. Princess W is a protector, lover, and fighter. She is intelligent, strategic, and when needed, cunning. She also speaks fluent sarcasm, which is fun to be around if you are not offended easily. The princess enjoys poking fun at those she likes. It is when she is quiet towards someone that one should be worried.

You may be wondering what a wintery fury is, allow me to explain. Princess W has the ability to call upon the energies of a blistering blizzard storm. In her realm, she is known to defeat hoards of competitors at once by summing a powerful blizzard-like tornado, which rarely can any counter her attack. W’s ability to summon the energy of a blizzard can aid you by quickly purifying destructive stagnant and negative energy stuck to and on your aura. She can also use this cleansing force to remove unwanted energy from your space and any space or object you ask her to. Princess W’s blizzard magick can also be used for your protection and even to aid with baneful workings. Being darker in nature, the princess is quicker to aid in your baneful working than the typical Glacial would.

Just as Princess W can decimate her targets, she can also heal her allies. She is a spectacular healer and she can aid in any recoveries you may need by speeding up the process. From a cellular level to aches and pains, to a broken bone, the Princess can help speed up your recovery. However, it is very important to remember that you still need to seek professional medical attention to be diagnosed and treated. Princess W may be able to heal your aches and pains, but she is not here physically and can not magically mend your broken bone or close up a deep gash, but she can help your body heal quicker and lessen the pain.

Princess W has stepped forth to help you find balance for your gift of a silver tongue. No more will you only use it for your benefit. You are being called into action to use your gift of persuasion to aid others. Instead of changing another’s mind for your selfish gain, Princess W will show you how to use manipulation for the greater good of those you care about. The cunning princess once too had to learn this lesson too, thus she is well versed in both sides of the coin when it comes to persuasion. It is time to use your gift to help empower those around you by becoming motivational for the benefit of another.