Hellborn Commander V

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Commander V has a masculine build. She stands 9 feet tall with broad shoulders, large breasts, and blood-red skin pulled tightly over well-defined muscle. Her shoulder-length hair is silver with bright red highlights and ruby beads are sewn throughout. From Commander V’s temples protrude a pair of silver-grey ram-like horns with ruby tips. The Commander's eyes are silver orbs with red diamond-shaped pupils. Commander V has long horizontally angled ears like those of an elf with rubies adorning their tips. Her teeth, hidden behind full lips, are sharp, each one a severe piercing needle. Commander V has a pair of large wings with translucent silver webbing, blood-red bone ridges, and ruby-tipped joints. Commander V’s nails are retractable claws that can extend nearly a foot in length. Commander V’s tail is long and tapered with a ruby at its tip.

Focused area of assistance:

V stands in a position of power, commanding thousands of legions located in the Hellborn realms. Commander V is superior when it comes to seeking vengeance. She puts her sadistic and brutal skills to good use when it comes to seeking revenge. An impeccable thinker, Commander V can help you concoct a devious plan to make those who harm you think twice before intersecting paths to do so again. Callous when it comes to her own enemies, the vicious Commander V will work in the energetic currents of our realm to deal punishment to yours, and she will not think twice to concern herself with the consequences they will face. As far as Commander V is concerned, they should not have tried to harm you, her human. When she is feeling extra devious, Commander V has a vast amount of legionnaires at her disposal to make matters even more interesting for your enemies.

Furthermore, Commander V is very experienced in protection, combat, and warfare. She is more than capable of keeping you safe from other spirits or entities and would love to train you in astral combat, as well as baneful magick warfare. Best of all, Commander V has no sympathy for those who try to harm the ones she cares for, meaning her moral compass is in perfect alignment with someone who deals out vengeance. She will be enthralled to aid you in your vengeful journey.

Message to companion:

It is not always enough to know that someone who caused you or your loved ones harm will pay the price one day. Sometimes the legal system is unfair. Other times what petty “punishment” one received for causing you pain does not equate to the damage they have caused and it is necessary to take vengeance into your own hands. I can help you determine when to act and when to be patient to execute the most vengeful of deeds. Sometimes you will need to conduct mundane actions to seek revenge, but not always. Baneful magick can be an incredibly powerful conduit to carry out punishments. I can teach you how to master and cast baneful magick so you do not face backlash. I will command the baneful energy currents, add a powerful energy boost with a twist of maleficence, and direct it to your target for the perfect execution of vengeance.



Sunstone and Black Tourmaline set in .925 Sterling Silver Pendant


This summary binding listing encourages you to spend time with your companion building a deeper relationship to uncover the more intimate details. Chosen by your companion, the provided scenic photo in the listing is to give you a glimpse into the mystery surrounding their energy and personality.