Hellborn/Solaren King H

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King H is a regal ruler of a kingdom within the Hellborn realm. He is tall, standing around 10 feet in height with shoulder-length golden hair and brick red skin with golden triangular markings. King H’s eyes are glowing red with golden flecks dancing about his irises and golden triangular pupils. From his forehead sprout two iconic demonic horns golden horns with a thick base and tapering to a severe point along a wide backward curve. King H’s ears are pointed with jagged bottom edges. A golden ruby earring hangs from his left earlobe. Atop King H’s brow is a golden crown with a ruby set in the center and smaller diamonds embedded on either side. This righteous king of justice has a toned, athletic build of lean muscle that has carved definition across his entire torso, front and back. From his muscular back protrude two large wings of translucent brick red webbing with the ridges colored golden yellow and the joints tipped in gold. King H has a long thin tail though at first glance it is not obvious as it is often kept wrapped around his waist.

Focused area of assistance: 

King H is a Hellborn/Solaren hybrid who reigns in the Hellborn Realm. With his gentle Solaren side mixed with his aggressive Hellborn side, King H makes an incredible candidate to balance the scales of justice. King H has stepped forth to aid you in all areas pertaining to justice. As King, H knows the importance of fairness and justice. Be it amongst lovers, peers, colleagues, family, or people in superior positions who treat you unfairly, King H is determined that you receive the justice that you are entitled to. He can teach you how to set healthy boundaries and he will act when someone crosses them. Although he can be gentle and kind with you, he will not extend the same courtesy to your oppressor. This is when King H’s firey Hellborn side steps into the forefront to tip the scales back to balance in your favor.

Furthermore, King H is closely connected to solar energies and would be delighted to aid you in areas pertaining to growth, development, and removing obstacles from your path that impede upon said areas.

Message to companion: 

I know a thing or two about balancing justice. You have been treated unfairly for some time now and it has caused turmoil within resulting in blockages. The time to liberate yourself has come. Do not be fearful to look your oppressors in the eye and demand to be treated fairly. I will guide you on how to liberate yourself so you can finally grow and develop into who you are meant to be. I will protect you on this empowering journey. Any who chooses to ignore your boundaries will be met with the fiery fury of a Hellborn King.


Sunstone set in .925 Sterling Silver Pendant


This summary binding listing encourages you to spend time with your companion building a deeper relationship to uncover the more intimate details. Chosen by your companion, the provided scenic photo in the listing is to give you a glimpse into the mystery surrounding their energy and personality.