Incubus Hybrid E

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Sexual orientation: Bi-Sexual


E is a dominant and erotic Incubus from the Infernal Realm of pleasure. E stands a towering 8 feet tall with a sculpted muscular build. He has spicy crimson red skin marked with black lightning bolt tattoos extending from his upper chest and running down his arms. His thick, ringed, obsidian black horns emerging from his bald head curve backward running parallel with his skull. E’s gold glowing eyes are a prominent facial feature. When your eyes meet, don’t be surprised to find yourself trapped in his intense gaze. His handsome face has strong features that match perfectly with his strong personality. E has black lips with pointed teeth and an abnormally long red tongue to pleasure his partner. Emerging from his shoulder blades, E has crimson red bat-like wings that have black along the boning. Protruding from the joints of his wings are black spikes coated with velvety red fine hairs, similar to the velvet antlers of a white-tailed buck. His tapered tail comes to a rounded point with two ripples just before the tip.

E has steamy dark energy that fills the room as soon as he enters. His energy is potent and often causes you to be aroused. E’s dominant energy invokes desires of subservience. Almost as if you are hypnotized by his energy, you don’t know why, but you can’t help wanting to submit and be his little sex kitten. It is not uncommon to feel your root and sacral chakras activate while interacting with E. His energy naturally stimulates your lower root and sacral chakras. Being the chakras of personal pleasure and carnal needs, it only makes sense this is how your energy points respond to standing in his presence. Be forewarned, focusing on E’s energetic stimulation can bring you to climax and you might just be sitting at work or school when it happens. 

E’s personality is different in and out of the bedroom chambers. Outside of the bedroom, E is laid back and seductive. He is caring, loveable and a protector of his partners. Inside the bedroom, E speaks with authority and is domineering. He expects his submissive to follow his orders, but he loves the challenge of a good brat. E feels that a chance to exercise his dominance and force one into submission only adds to the sexual intensity of both parties and makes for a good time. 

E is into BDSM. He enjoys his partner being bound up, unable to move, or wriggle out of his pleasure torturing tactics. His rigger skills are superb. Not only are they fancy looking, but they are also impossible to escape. E loves using his tongue and tail causing his partner to climax repeatedly. For women, his tongue can vibrate on your sensitive areas, at incredible speeds, causing a climatic build-up then sexual fluids to gush from your body. Which he proceeds to drink from your fountain. For men, he uses his tail to vibrate and stimulate your gland, causing an explosive climax. In which case, he sucks from your erect and throbbing pleasure pole. Aside from E’s tantalizing tongue and tail, he has a whole collection of tools to use to play with you with. Just when you think you can’t climax anymore, E can bring you to a body-shaking big O filling you with ecstasy.

It is worth noting that E won’t harm you (unless you want to be and receive gratification from it) but he will do pleasure torture (stimulating already sensitive areas). He will only give you what you can tolerate. That being said, it is crucial to discuss hard limits or boundaries with him before getting intimate. If you feel things are getting too intense, say your safeword and he will cease his actions. The good thing about interacting with an entity is even if you are unable to speak, you can communicate telepathically. It is also a good idea to discuss any kinks or fetishes you have. He also is down for some vanilla intimacy from time to time. Furthermore, E is very big on aftercare. When you are finished playing in the sex dungeon he will lay with you, cuddle, and show you affection.

If you are a submissive, brat, rope bunny, slave, masochist, and/or vanilla and are curious about getting into the BDSM scene, then E is the companion for you. He can teach you the ropes. 


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