King D

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Appearance: King D stands tall and proud at a height of 12 feet, his skin a unique shade of yellow-green that mirrors the hues of autumn leaves. His regality is further accentuated by a majestic set of antlers, reminiscent of a moose, and his hair, which falls in thick, vine-like ropes. His eyes, of a striking citrine hue, evoke a feeling of assurance and attentiveness that makes it challenging to divert one's eyes from his penetrating gaze. King D’s ears are long, slightly drooping, and pointed, extending horizontally beyond the back of his head. They are adorned with a series of wooden earrings that line the bottom ridge, adding an earthy charm to his appearance. King D's smile is pleasant, bordering on mischievous, revealing a set of small, sharp teeth when he grins. His physique is lean and fit, with elongated arms and legs. His tail is long, ending in a flared, sharply pointed tip with serrated edges. Although he lacks wings, King D has no need for them. He possesses the unique ability to travel swiftly using the vines, trees, and roots around him, merging with the natural world and traversing through its energy network. King D's energy resonates closely with nature. He embodies the sturdiness of stone, the unpredictability of wind, the passion of a roaring fire, and the coolness of a frosty mountain stream when necessary. As a king, he carries the weight of responsibility with a certain level of seriousness. However, his natural disposition leans more towards playfulness. He is known for his witty remarks and occasional pranks, and he greatly enjoys games and jovial interactions.

Area of focus: King D has momentarily taken a hiatus from his kingly duties, a kind of personal retreat. Yet, his dedication to his subjects is steadfast and unchanging. He has opted to personally mentor and protect you as a guide. King D is a firm believer in the power of gratitude and appreciation. He advocates for a shift in perspective, urging you to focus on the blessings you have rather than dwelling on that which you lack. He believes that this change in mindset, from scarcity to abundance, can significantly improve one's quality of life, as well as align you with the energies of prosperity. With this philosophy at the core of his teachings, King D is committed to instilling this mindset in you. He endeavors to constantly remind you of the importance of recognition, helping you to cultivate a life of bountiful abundance. His aim is not just to increase material wealth, but to enrich your life in all aspects, encouraging you to recognize and appreciate the wealth that already exists within and around you. King D's temporary departure from his royal duties is not simply a  retreat, but also a focused mission to personally guide and protect. His goal is to help you build a prosperous life, filled with gratitude and appreciation for the present, and a positive outlook for the future.

Photo capturing King D's Essence: Vibrant Autumn leaves with a cool mountain river flowing serenely through the landscape

Message to companion: The journey to prosperity is not just about having more, but about appreciating what you already have. As you embark on this journey with me, I encourage you to embrace my teachings and open your heart to the abundance that awaits you by first appreciating that which you already possess.

Important Notes:

Your companion’s name and list of offerings will be provided to you after the event in a summary biography PDF

This discounted summary binding listing encourages you to spend time with your companion building a deeper relationship to uncover the more intimate details. Chosen by your companion, the provided scenic photo in the listing is to give you a glimpse into the mystery surrounding their energy and personality.