Phantasmal King H

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Appearance: Hailing from the death current Phantasmal realm, the regal King H has a ghastly appearance. He stands roughly 10 feet tall with a thin and ossified body. Although King H’s body looks decomposed and frail, he is not as his body suggests. His face looks similar to a mummy once unwrapped. Sunken pits for eyes, he can see excellently. Just a nose bone with some petrified skin, he can smell well. With holes for ears, he can hear perfectly. Bone shows at his fingertips, yet the king can feel flawlessly. Without lips and teeth exposed, the king can annunciate his words with perfection. King H wears a long, thin, black robe that appears torn with holes. Atop his head is a 13-point jeweled silver crown. He carries a powerful staff with a white glowing gem situated snuggly on the top.

Area of focus: The calm and soothing King H has stepped forth to aid you with self-acceptance and personal empowerment. As a Phantasmal, King H possesses the quality to calm and help clear your mind, which is necessary for you to see things as they are, not as you view them through your skewed vision. Often times people have a damaged self-image and this can be a critical downfall for the level of success one obtains in life. Over time, by working with King H, he can assist you with the deconstruction of your faulty self-image, and help you build a new foundation of thought; giving way to self-acceptance. King H was not born a king, he had to earn his position by pursuing a path of personal empowerment. That being said, he is an excellent candidate to teach you how to accept yourself with all your uniqueness, and use it to your benefit to finally be able to step into your personal power.

Scenic photo: Skull carved Pumpkin

Message to companion: True self-acceptance is the ability to be completely comfortable with who you are both inside and outward. This is obtained through rigorous mental self-work. I am here you guide you through the passages of your mind and help you to create new productive pathways. When you are ready, I will take you by the hand and guide you safely down a path of personal empowerment.

Vessel: .925 Sterling Silver Wild Horse Jasper Pendant

This is a discounted summary listing. Summary biographies encourage you to spend time with your companion building a deeper relationship to uncover the more intimate details. Chosen by your companion, the provided scenic photo in the listing gives you a glimpse into the mystery surrounding their energy and personality. Name and list of offerings will be provided to their companion.