Leviathan's Commander A

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As a mighty Aquatic Shifter/ Incubus Hybrid Commander, Commander A has two forms; One for walking upon the land and another for gliding effortlessly through the waters of his home realm. Unusually, Commander A spends more time in his bipedal form than most of his kind. While he certainly loves the water, Commander A’s duties often take him out of the deep and onto dry land. In his terranean form, Commander A is tall and handsome with dark blue on his back and a light aqua green towards the center of his torso. He usually adopts a height of about 9 feet but can enlarge himself up to 11 feet tall and can shorten himself to 6 feet to suit his environment. Commander A’s body remains proportionate as he adjusts his height, with each appendage growing in length, girth, and density to match his size. Commander A has sharp, angular, almost predatory features from head to toe. He has thick strands of braided, dark-green hair that reaches halfway down his back. Commander A’s horns are curled like those of a ram’s, colored a shimmering aqua-green with a slight iridescent sheen. Commander A’s eyes, orbs of swirling green and blue, appear to move subtly like water touched by the wind. His face is long and angular with a pointed chin and sharp, shark-like teeth. Commander A’s ears are also angular with pointed tips and frills along their bottom edge similar to fins. From his neck and shoulders to his arms and torso, down his legs, Commander A is fit and sculpted. His perfectly toned muscles are hard and smooth giving his body an aesthetically pleasing appearance and allowing for minimal resistance when gliding through the air and water due to Commander A’s aerodynamic assets. Each of Commander A’s fingers and toes has webbing between them with sharp but short talons in place of fingernails, though these can be retracted when he needs a more soothing, gentle touch. From the base of his neck and running down his spine, Commander As has hard, angular fins made of solid water. Though they appear to ebb and flow within the confines of their shape, his fins are hard, rough to the touch, and quite solid. As your gaze follows this solid liquid down his muscular back you will find that his wings are made entirely of the same substance as his peculiar fins. Aside from his firm buttocks, you will also notice that Commander A’s tail also consists of this solid water but upon feeling its surface, you will find that it is much softer, almost slippery, and pleasantly warm. If you are lucky, Commander A may even show you some special qualities of his solid water.

Truly, Commander A has multiple forms he might assume when roaming the water of his realm. From swift fish and hard-shelled crabs to the contortionist form of an octopus, Commander A has a variety of options but by far his preferred shape is that of an enormously large shark, a megalodon. His skin takes on a rough, grain while retaining the color of his terranean form. Commander A’s legs and arms are absorbed and replaced with fins and a massive, powerful tailfin while his teeth elongate into knife-sized teeth of incredible strength.

Focused area of healing: Commander A has stepped forth to aid you with healing from sexual abuse and domestic abuse. Depression, anxiety, PTSD, hostility, social and emotional isolation, flashbacks, insomnia, low libido, and self-destructive behavior resulting from being a victim of sex abuse and/or domestic violence are some of the areas Commander A will be working on with you to heal.

Commander A’s message: You have been through a lot of hurt, pain, and fear. Your mind has been warped and your emotions suffered. Although you feel damaged, it is important to know that you are not broken. The time has come to heal. I can lend you my strength of 1000 men to help you reach down and bring to surface your own strength. I have fought and won many a battle in my time and I want you to know you are not alone in this battle. I will be here every step of the way guiding and protecting you. I will catch you when you stumble, so you no longer have to fall.

Vessel: .925 Sterling Silver Encased Shark’s Tooth

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