Leviathan's Legionnaire J

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J is a loyal member of Lord Leviathan’s legion. He assumes the form of a Merman with a large tailfin, muscled torso, four arms, and an angular face. J’s skin is dark blue with tribal symbols of lighter blue marking his body. On either side of his head are long, crystalline blue horns that spiral to a severe tip and reach just past the back of J’s head. In regular military form, J keeps a clean, orderly appearance with short black hair. Beneath J’s horns are fins in place of ears. J’s eyes are sky blue with an almost translucent crystal gleam and emit a slight glow in the lightless deep or the dark of night. J’s large body is covered in taut muscles with sharp fins on his arms and back. 

Like others of his kind, J assumes another form at his leisure. As often as he swims about in his Mer form, J can be seen just as frequently gliding through the waters in a squid-like form of giant proportions. His arms multiply and elongate into his great tentacles with a massive beak poised at the center of their reaching arms. His skin becomes translucent as he all but disappears into the tumultuous waters of his home realm. In this form, J is hard to spot and harder to escape especially once his tentacles latch on. Any who are caught in their grasp had best hope J is fond of them or they are in for a painful experience.

Focus area of healing: J is in touch with his divine feminine side and a master of his emotions. He has stepped forth to assist you with mastery over your emotions. From episodes of anger, rage, anxiety, and depression to bouts of reclusion, emotional suppression, and insecurities, J is here to show you how to gain control of your emotions as opposed to allowing your emotions to control you.

J’s message: The aftermath of emotions can be nerve-racking and downright painful, ridden with guilt. When your emotions run uncontrolled they can really muck things up for you. I can help you “leash on your inner beast”. When you have mastery over your emotions, life can sail a lot more smoothly. Come with me as we navigate through the ebb and flood of your nautical emotions. I will help you take control of the wheel so there is smooth sailing ahead.

Vessel: .925 Sterling Silver Purple Seaglass Pendant

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