Leviathan's Legionnaire O

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Appearance: O is a legionnaire in Lord Leviathan’s legions. She appears as a vivacious merwoman with long golden hair kept neatly within a blue-silver mesh. Above the waist, O’s skin is light blue with a pale, yellow-gold burst expanding from her solar plexus while her tailfin is armored in scales of shining gold and shimmering ocean blue. O has a pleasant face with small pointed teeth, long pointed ears, and beautiful ocean-blue eyes. Like most Aquatic Shifters, O can walk upon land in a bipedal form but she prefers to float through the air in her natural form unless she has a specific purpose for adopting legs and everything else a terranean form may entail.

Alternatively, O has another shape she reserves for perilous moments. When danger presents itself, O’s body transforms into a swift sea serpent with gold skin streaked with bright blue. Her teeth multiply within her elongated snout and her ears become large frills that also act as hydrodynamic propellers. O’s beautiful tailfin assumes the necessary serpentine shape as her body narrows becoming streamlined and allowing O to cut through the water at incredible speeds.

Focused area of healing: O has stepped forth to help you heal from being a victim of a narcissistic parent, partner, or someone else close to you. Having a narcissist in your life can be very taxing on the mind, body, and emotions. After being abused by a narcissist you may come to believe that you were at fault through their copious amounts of gas-lighting and manipulation. A narcissist's abuse can lead to insecurities of self-worth and even a loss of self. Working with O can help you remember who you are, re-claim your self-worth, and learn to value yourself. O can also help you remove narcissists from your life and teach you how to set boundaries that disallow you from inviting any more in. 

O’s message: Are you tired of feeling worthless and devalued? No more will you be a victim to the emotional abuse of a narcissist. It is time to liberate yourself. I will teach you how to set boundaries so you do not have to experience the emotional torment of a narcissist ever again. I want you to know that you are worthy of keeping the company of others who lift you up. You are worthy of compliments. You are worthy of feeling good about yourself. I will help you find your value again because you deserve this.

Vessel: .925 Sterling Silver Starfish and Purple Seaglass Pendant


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