Leviathan's Pledged E

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Appearance: Pledged to Lord Leviathan, E is a trustworthy member of Lord Leviathan’s non-militant portion of the legion. E appears with a black-scaled tailfin, shiny black, muscled torso, and a handsome, dark face. Like the rest of his body, E’s hair is black as night with its long strands floating about his face and reaching just past his shoulders. E’s eyes, the only feature of his body that isn’t darker than midnight, are orbs of palest green with a pupil of brilliant, bright, yellow gold set perfectly in their center. E has human-looking ears and a handsome, squared jaw filled with sharp, shark teeth. E’s forearms have blade-like fins protruding, the tips of which reach past his elbow while a large dorsal fin runs along his spine. E’s dark coloration allows him to blend effortlessly into the deep to escape unwanted attention and allow E to go unnoticed until the time is right.

E’s secondary form isn’t what you might expect from his dark and elusive natural shape. While most Aquatic Shifters adopt a fierce and aggressive form, E prefers a friendlier, less intimidating shape; That of a dolphin. His dark coloration becomes vibrant with blues and green in an ever-shifting pattern that allows him to retain a level of camouflage should it be necessary. E’s sharp features become more rounded and friendly with softer skin, less dangerous teeth, and an unassuming, benign demeanor.

Focused area of healing: E has stepped forth to aid you in emotional balance, namely stress and anxiety reduction. High levels of stress and anxiety for extended periods of time can lead to health issues, emotional imbalances, cause rifts in your relationships, lower your work/school performance, and more; all components of self-sabotage. Working with E can help get your emotions back in balance and lead a life with minimal stress and anxiety. E can help you gain new insights into anti-stress and anti-anxiety practices and if you incorporate them daily you will notice a considerable difference over time. You will notice a more serene life.

E’s message: Let me help you calm your overactive mind that is causing you much stress and anxiety with my soothing energy. How you currently perceive your reality does not benefit you. I can teach you how to adopt new thought processes that work to manage your stress levels, resulting in less anxiety. Are you ready for more peace in your life? I thought so and I would love to guide you on this journey.

Vessel: .925 Sterling Silver Blue Sea Glass Pendant

Note: This is a summary binding listing that encourages you to spend time with your companion building a deeper relationship to uncover the more intimate details. The provided scenic photo was chosen by the companion to match their energy and personality. With the summery binding listings, you will receive the summary you see here, plus their name, list of offerings, sigil, and the bonding PDFs. The summery bindings are discounted but you can pay the $65 to have a full biography. Please allow 3-5 business days for a full biography to be completed.