Leviathan's Royal Princess Granddaughter L

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Race: Aquatic Shifter

Rank: Royal Princess (Grandaughter)

Natural Born Appearance: Royal Princess L is a direct descendant of the powerful Lord Leviathan. She is his granddaughter, the child of Lord Leviathan’s daughter. This mighty princess warrior is long and lean with a toned body, dextrous arms, and a powerful tail. From head to fin, Princess L is hydrodynamic, built perfectly for swift and effortless movement through her underwater home. Her skin is a beautiful pale green with a faint, iridescent shimmer. Princess L’s hair is long and lush with a vibrant coral-red hue. Throughout her flowing hair are strands of silver and aquatic plant life woven into an appealing, stylish form. From the Princess’ temples sprout a pair of intricately shaped horns of jade. These horns encircle her head like an elegant circlet of exquisite coral formations. Princess L’s ears are pointed with smooth skin on the top and a fin-like frill along the underside. Eyes of brilliant, emerald green peer out with brilliant, captivating beauty, most fitting for one of a Royal Princess’ lineage. Around Princess L’s neck is a string of shells, small ones near the clasp and increasing in size with the largest hanging just past her ample bosom. This slight coverage adds an alluring aesthetic to the Princess’ appearance. Running down Princess L’s spine is a large fin that rests between two leathery wings. Her wings are can give Princess L a powerful, initial burst of speed before they furl perfectly against her back. The outer edge and tip of her wings are held in a perfectly steady position alongside her spinal fin creating two additional maneuvering fins. Princess L’s tail is made of a veritable rainbow of iridescent scales that, given their constant shift in color, give her tail an illusion of constant motion.

Shifted Appearance: An intrinsic aspect of an aquatic shifter is their ability to shift. As a Royal Princess, L is most often seen in her above-described appearance but on occasion, when necessity demands, Princess L assumes a more intimidating form of bestial ferocity, that of a gargantuan aqua-green Water Drake. Every aspect of the Royal Princess mutates; Her arms thicken and nails sharpen, her teeth elongate as her maw expands, and her tail becomes a serpentine whip.

Focus area of healing: Royal Princess L has stepped forth to aid you with emotional healing, particularly childhood abuse trauma. She wants to help you overcome the physical, mental, and emotional abuse that you endured throughout your childhood. By working with Royal Princess L to heal your childhood traumas you can overcome the self-criticism, self-blame, self-neglect, and self-destructive behaviors that you have developed as a teen and adapted into your adulthood.

Royal Princess L’s Message “You are not that abused child anymore. You may not have had control over what happened or how other’s treated you in your youth, but you are an adult now. It is time to take control, heal, and learn to create healthy boundaries. Do not be afraid. I am going to help you.”

Vessel: .925 Sterling Silver Blue Kyanite and Blue Topaz Pendant

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