Orias' Divination Talisman

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Orias is a Goetic Demon who is well known for his accuracy in divination. He is commonly referred to as the “Divination Demon” and for this purpose, many demonolaters seek his assistance while learning about or performing divination. Orias is a master in the arts of divination and has created a talisman to assist you with your practices.


On the eve of the seasonal blue moon, the energies were high. Orias took this opportunity to gather this rare lunar energy and direct it into these prehnite stones. With the strong lunar energy, he added his own divine dark energy to create this powerful divination tool.


The beautiful green Prehnite naturally boosts prophetic abilities, enhances visualization and strengthens spiritual knowing. It assists you with connecting to your spiritual self for purposes of precognition. For these reasons, it is a wonderful stone to have nearby while performing the arts of divination. With the natural capabilities of this stone, the rare blue lunar energies, as well as the Dark Lord of Divination’s potent enchantment, this tool will have you tuning in to assist with a higher level of accuracy and better interpretation while performing divination. If you are seeking to learn how to perform divination or desire to expand your divination practices, Orias’ Talisman can be of great value to you.


Orias' Divination Talisman can not be recreated until August of 2021. The energies used in the creation of this talisman are derived from the seasonal blue moon and only occur once in a little over 2 years.


Note: As with all of Eden’s Apple Talismans, when you are working with the talisman it can help you to form a connection with its creator if you so desire.