Phantasmal Soul Collector T

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Appearance: T takes on an unassuming appearance as she specializes in the guidance of children and the traumatized. As such, T assumes a shorter stature of about 5’3” with a cherublike, unblemished face. Her hair is long, straight, and stark white with streaks of black highlights. T’s horns are intricately woven about her head and throughout her hair giving the appearance of jewelry more than a traditional set of horns. T’s ears are long and pointed with six silver earrings hanging from the bottom edge of each ear. T’s lips are thin yet pretty with small, sharp teeth hidden behind. T’s eyes are glowing silver white 6-pointed stars with black pupils surrounded by shifting black smoke. T has a thin, lithe body with small hands and feet. Though often hidden beneath T’s customary white dress, she does have a pair of black bat-like wings with silver tips at each joint. T’s tail is long and thin with a silver arrow tip and most often kept beneath her dress as well. With all this in mind, T’s appearance can take on a drastic change during a confrontation with dangerous beings. When wading into dangerous territories or in the midst of battle, T’s nails elongate along with her teeth. Her mouth stretches wide into a gaping maw and her tail comes forth to pierce an unexpecting foe. When faced with these unsettling changes you can see why she adopts a more mundane appearance given her focus on the traumatized and young.

Focused area of assistance: T has stepped forth to assist those who desire to dive deep into necromantic practices. She seeks to guide and assist you on your journey by helping you connect to your ancestors, enabling you to receive their guidance. T’s close connection to the currents of death energy allows for her to easily connect you with the deceased; relatives or not. Her calm and relaxing demeanor can even aid the aspiring death doula in comforting a soul and getting them ready to take the passage into the beyond. Furthermore, T can be of incredible assistance in helping you cross over lost souls. It is part of her daily duties. Aside from aiding you in advancing your necromantic practices, T is proficient at easing the troubled mind and soothing turbulent emotions. Helping you stay calm with a clear mind is a priceless asset that can aid you in a plethora of areas in your life.

Message to a companion:

The quietness surrounding the human perceived death can be peaceful and comforting. It offers solace after a loud and bustling life lived on Earth. Yet for some reason humans fear death. I can help you rid yourself and others of this fear. Travel into the astral with me as I guide you on a soul-collecting journey through the necromantic energy currents of my realm. Once you experience the process as opposed to reading about it in a book, you can truly understand the process. With proper training from me, you will be able to sufficiently comfort the troubled mind of a dying person and assist a soul in crossing over.

Scenic Photo: Black and White Quiet Misty Graveyard 

Vessel: TBD

Note: This discounted summary binding listing encourages you to spend time with your companion building a deeper relationship to uncover the more intimate details. Chosen by your companion, the provided scenic photo in the listing gives you a glimpse into the mystery surrounding their energy and personality. Full biographies are available upon request for an added fee.