Phantasmal/Werewolf E

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E’s appearance is intimidating, to say the least. As werewolves go, E has a relatively typical facial structure with a long snout, and long, sharp teeth, though his cheekbones are slightly more pronounced. E has a thick coat of black, white, and gray fur across his large body. Oddly, E has two white ivory horns that grow from the back of his skull curving forward along the contours of his face with the tips coming to rest alongside his chin. E’s eyes are pits of purest black with an intimidating yet mesmerizing effect. Upon making eye contact, it is difficult to tear your gaze from his. When E smiles, his lips part, and the corners of his mouth stretch in a ghastly, too wide smirk, almost a grimace. E’s body is large with long limbs and matching long claws. E’s torso is hard with developed muscle except in his center mass. A cavernous tear that stretches from his diaphragm to the top of his groin disfigures E’s otherwise handsome physique. With exposed ribs that appear almost as teeth in a gaping maw. Down E’s spine are bone ridges of ivory white that protrude grotesquely, adding to his intimidating appearance. Otherwise, E’s anatomy matches that of a werewolf; long bushy tail and knotted penis included.

Area of Focus: 

E has stepped forth to aid you in connecting with your inner-self and uncovering your deep desires. His very dark nature can help you embrace the aspect of yourself that you buried out of fear of being judged. E can assist you in releasing blockages that you and society have placed upon yourself. He can show you that it is freeing to embrace your darkness and he can teach you how. You were born with primal instincts that society has deemed unsuitable. E wants to help you get back in touch with and embrace these primal-driven instincts, allowing you to be true to yourself once more.

Message to Companion: You have been taught to fear your dark side. You have been guided to suppress your natural instincts and yearnings. They have told you these things are “evil”. I can help you break this constraining mindset, freeing you from the blockages of social conformality, and allowing you to embrace the real you. Let me help you embrace your inner-self and together we can revel in the darkness.

Scenic Photo: Balck and White Photo of Darkness Being Released from the Confinement of a Bottle

Vessel: TBD

Note: This discounted summary binding encourages you to spend time with your companion building a deeper relationship to uncover the more intimate details. Chosen by your companion, the provided scenic photo in the listing gives you a glimpse into the mystery surrounding their energy and personality. Full biographies are available upon request for an added fee.