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Rank: Legionnaire (spec-ops)


F is a monstrous-looking daemon from a realm void of light. This lower Infernal realm is where nightmares are born. Creature-esque entities that go bump in the night emerge from these dark Infernal pits to prey upon unsuspecting victims. This IS considered a black arts realm and we do not recommend you traveling there unless you do not scare easily and enjoy a challenge. Even though most Pit Daemons are black arts, we only bring forth the extremely dark arts entities. They are the only ones of this ghastly realm that are human-friendly and capable of human/daemon companionship.

F has an unnerving appearance. Intimidating, terrifying, chilling, and petrifying are all words that can be used to describe his presence. F stands upright, measuring 10.5 feet tall in his natural form and is skeletal with black spiny tendrils emerging from his bones. His bones are jagged and sharp. His face appears with grey mummified skin and his eyes are black pits with small milky pupils. F’s circular mouth is covered in a ring of razor sharp teeth. When he opens his mouth to consume energy it becomes a vortex of spinning teeth, creating a vacuum effect to the surrounding energy. Without fingers and toes, his hands and feet come to sharp boney points. He does not have horns or wings, but he does have a long skeletal tail with a piercing point. His “hands”, “feet”, and tail make dangerous weapons. F looks as though he has emerged from the “pits of hell” and essentially he has.

F has potent, extremely dark, daemonic energy. His energy is easily felt, as it is hard to miss when he enters into your personal space. Feelings of anxiousness and increased heart rate are common to feel until you align and adjust to his energy. In the beginning, depending upon how your body reacts to extremely dark, daemonic, energy, you may even develop a slight headache and/or stomach ache when interacting with F. Some people are so sensitive to such dark energy that they develop mini-episodes of irritability and even nightmares. This is a common effect of extremely dark energy and will subside as you perform the bonding meditation provided. It is important that you do this meditation daily to align your energy with F’s in order for any side effects to dissipate quickly. 

F has a semi-selfish personality. Being an extremely dark daemon, from a black arts realm, F has a very different set of morals than the entities you are used to me bringing forth. He is not so quick to want to assist someone unless he gains from the situation. He has no issue with accepting someone’s request for help, so long as he benefits, even if it is only minutely. He does not believe in offering services for free and thinks everyone should gain something from any given interaction. “Allow me to give an example. Sending a curse gains your target strife while you acquire satisfaction. Here both parties are receiving something. Helping someone based solely upon the request to and not receiving any type of payment is a waste of time and energy” As you can see, F has an interesting thought process with his interesting choice of examples. You may be wondering what’s the catch for having such a companion. Keep reading and you will find out.

F is a legionnaire. He is part of, what we refer to as, a special operations division. F has an incredible ability to weaken and/or devour wards and shields, making him an invaluable asset to the Dark Lord whose legion he belongs. Sent on secret missions, ahead of the legion, F will weaken the enemies' unseen defenses enabling the legion to bring the rest down. It is because of F’s gift that he is well protected. The energy that he devours does not go to waste. It makes him stronger and he can also pull some out to make his wards more powerful; essentially transferring the power from one ward to another.

Being an extremely dark arts, F enjoys causing complications and tormenting his foes. His ability to absorb shields and wards can assist you in your baneful casting. Depending upon how powerful the target’s shields are, F just may be able to completely diminish their shields allowing easy access for your retaliation magick. Being an execration practitioner, things are about to take an interesting turn as your magick soars to greater heights. With F as your companion, foolish are those who choose to cross you.

Not only can F help break down your enemy’s defenses, he can also transfer that energy to build up your protections. Ask him the type of shield or ward he just consumed, if you like it, use it as another layer on top of your wards or shields. If you can do better, ask him to transmute it into something more suitable for your likings.

F is an incredible daemon companion for the black arts practitioner. He is looking for a companion who can put his abilities to good use. He will be helping you and himself at the same time. With every energetic consumption, he will keep a little bit for himself; growing his power. The more powerful he is, the stronger wards and shields he can take down for you. Keep that in mind as you ask him to transfer the energy to your wards.

Message to companion: I will speak frankly, take care of me, and I will take care of you. Help me grow my strength by appointing targets for me to consume, and I will ensure your protections strengthen with each “meal”. This will be a cooperative, mutually beneficial union. Together we can achieve much.

Note: It is advised that Pit Daemons work with practitioners who are familiar with extremely dark arts and/or black arts entities. Ultimately, we can not control the decisions you make, we can only guide you.

Furthermore, we also advise vessel or distance vessel bindings. Please indicate which binding you prefer in the instructions section at check out.