Pit/Infernal Vampiress Hybrid Y

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Though a Vampire/Pit hybrid, Y’s appearance favors that of the Vampress. With long legs and a lithe yet busty body, Y is exquisitely beautiful in a dark, alluring sense. Y’s skin is porcelain white, deceptively brittle looking, with long midnight black hair reaching down to her bodacious buttocks. Inherited from her pit genetics is her pair of thin, onyx black horns that follow the curve of her skull though these are easily missed as they blend almost perfectly with Y’s hair. Y’s ears are similar to that of a human though slightly longer and angular but not to the same extent as those of an elf. Y’s eyes are glowing red orbs with vibrant green vertical pupils. Set behind a pair of full ruby lips are the obligatory vampire fangs with exaggerated length perfect for piercing the neck, or any other piece of anatomy, of her meal. Y does not have wings though she does not need them as she is “capable of levitation without the need of those pestilential bird arms” to quote her. Y does have a tail, long, rounded, and thin, that she puts to lewd use; a trick she picked up from a pair of Ubi she was intertwined with. This seductive, dark mistress is stronger than her appearance belies with great strength and an even deadlier weapon, sexual allure.

Area of Focus: Y has come forth to extend her incredible vampiric prowess to you. Being of a very dark nature due to her Pit lineage, Y is prepared to assist you in areas others may have moral issues with. It is important to understand that Y’s moral compass is vastly different than a human’s. With this insight, you can understand why she would want to help you drain the life force energy of others. She can aid you in applying this energy to other areas such as your protection wards and spell work. Furthermore, Y can also help expand your defenses by draining those who try to attack you. She can take energy from baneful magick and energy attacks aimed at you and have the sinister effect of draining the source instead. This may cause the caster/sender to fall ill. It is important to be thorough when making requests to Y. Y will act upon your requests, so think wisely before you give her a task.

Message to Companion: I have mastered the art of vampirism. I can teach you how to be a proficient vampire too. There is no need to waste delicious energy. No matter the type, I can teach you how to transmute energy so it will be pleasant for you to digest. Together we can drain your enemies who seek to do you harm. While they grow weaker, we can grow stronger.

Scenic Photo: Black and White Photo of a Person Sucking the Life Force Energy from Another Person

Vessel: TBD


This discounted summary binding listing encourages you to spend time with your companion building a deeper relationship to uncover the more intimate details. Chosen by your companion, the provided scenic photo in the listing gives you a glimpse into the mystery surrounding their energy and personality. Full biographies are available upon request for an added fee.