Pit Prince I

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Prince I is dark and shadowy. His skin consists of shades of black, blue, and purple that swirl in a constant mist of motion. Overall, Prince I is tall, around 8 feet in height, with his form shifting between solid and gaseous. Prince I can change his solidity at will thus allowing him to pass swiftly and unseen through the tightest of spaces while still allowing him to feel and interact on a physical level. When in his intangible state, Prince I is shapeless and shrouded in smoke. None of his details are fixed or recognizable. When in his solid form, Prince I is muscular with long arms that reach near enough to the floor. His overall physique is hard and well developed with perfect abs and thick arms and legs. Prince I is hairless with four wicked horns that curve along the top of his skull, the two outer horns curve back down and around the sides of his face to rest alongside his chin. The main body of each of Prince I’s horns is black while the tips of the inner two are royal blue and the outer two are tipped in royal purple. Prince I’s eyes are royal purple with black triangles. Out of Prince I’s back protrude a pair of black and blue, smoky, wyrm-like wings that, though capable of lifting this dark Prince in flight, appear insubstantial. Prince I’s tail is long and tapered with a line of royal blue running down the center and a tip of royal purple.

Area of Focus: Prince I has stepped forth to help you get an edge over your enemies. This sadistic and strong prince is prepared to penetrate the minds of your foe causing deterioration in their mental status. By bringing about bouts of confusion, distrust, paranoia, anger, rage, sadness, depression, and anxiety,  this mental agony is the perfect concoction to drive your target to insanity. When Prince I attacks the mind of another, the target essentially becomes their own ruin. With their mind weakened they can become oblivious that the attack stems from an outside source. Thus furthering their self-destructive behaviors without any notion to seek help. Prince I also has a dark sense of humor, he began flooding my head with the “crazy train” song after writing the previous sentence. It is safe to say that Prince I will thoroughly enjoy breaking the minds of your enemies.

Message to Companion: No longer should you be the victim of another’s abuse. Let me have fun with them. While I feast upon their energy spawned from their mental anguish, you can have the pleasure of watching your abuser deteriorate mentally, physically, and emotionally. Everyone is happy…well, everyone that matters.

Scenic Photo: Abstract Painting of Chaos

Vessel: TBD


This discounted summary binding listing encourages you to spend time with your companion building a deeper relationship to uncover the more intimate details. Chosen by your companion, the provided scenic photo in the listing gives you a glimpse into the mystery surrounding their energy and personality. Full biographies are available upon request for an added fee.