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B is a feisty princess daemon from a realm void of light. This lower Infernal realm is where nightmares are born. Creature-esque entities that go bump in the night emerge from these dark Infernal pits to prey upon unsuspecting victims. This IS considered a black arts realm and we do not recommend you traveling there unless you do not scare easily and enjoy a challenge. Even though most Pit Daemons are black arts, we only bring forth the extremely dark arts entities. They are the only ones of this ghastly realm that are human-friendly and capable of human/daemon companionship.

Princess B has an eerie smoky appearance. Waves of smoke like mist roll off of this dark princess making it difficult to grasp her true form. Underneath this swathe of darkness, Princess B has a more defined shape. She is thin and long-limbed. Princess B has long wispy black hair, pale green blind-looking eyes, and a mouth full of razor-sharp teeth. Her long limbs end in claw-like hands and feet with elongated fingers and toes that come to severe points. Princess B has smooth skin stretched tightly over her skeletal frame, each of her bones is placed on macabre display by her taught skin. From her back sprout two wings of shadow. Though they do not appear to be made of any material capable of bearing her in flight, Princess B is capable of lifting herself off the ground with these immaterial wings. 

Princess B has very potent energy. You can feel her extremely dark Infernal energy coursing through your energetic field. For some, this may overwhelm them. Her strong energy can bring about an accelerated heart rate and intense feelings of excitement; making you feel as though you are about to jump out of your skin. Princess B’s extremely dark energy offers a denseness to her surrounding area making her energy feel almost tangible. Not to worry, as you perform the bonding meditation you will align and adjust to her energy; easing the side effects.

Princess B’s personality is best described as wise, cunning, assertive, loyal, and selectively defiant. She dances to the beat of her own drums. Free-spirited Princess B lives life to the fullest, not allowing anyone to suppress her. If she makes an agreement it is because she chooses to. Her loyal charastics bind her to her words. She holds agreements to high sovereignty and will expect you to keep your word. Fair warning, do not let your mouth write checks you can not cash. She finds the act of not keeping your word as incredibly disrespectful, especially because she is a daemoness of her word. Trust is earned with Princess B, and keeping your word will gain you access. Furthermore, Princess B is a free-thinker and a free-speaker. She speaks her mind, as she does not believe in sugar coating anything. This means you need to have thick skin if you desire to work with her.

Princess B is the youngest of 4 daughters and known to be a bit of a “wild child”. She is a rebel through and through and she is not afraid to show it. The realm Princess B is from has a very different set of morals than the other realms I conjure from. Her kingdom is overly lenient with their “rules” or lack thereof. To be known as a rebel in a realm as such is quite the achievement and Princess B owns every bit of her reputation. Whispers can be heard expressing fear when she is near. Many view her zero tolerance for foolishness as dangerous because she does not hold back. Although she does not hold back from putting someone in their place, there is a difference between not being in control and not holding back. Princess B is always fully in control of her words and actions. She just does not fear consequences. She says once you fear something, you place limitations on yourself and are no longer free to be who you truly are. Clearly she knows a thing or two. She has made it this far and she is tens of thousands years old.

Princess B is a grand illusionist, thus making her phenomenal at dispelling other’s illusions. She can peer right through the many layers of glamour magick, straight to the core of the being and/or casted illusion. Not only can she see through the trickery of others, Princess B can even help you eradicate the illusions that you have created for yourself. The illusions that cause self-doubt and hinder your growth. Some of these illusions are created by society and some are self imposed. Either way, Princess B can aid you in identifying these illusions to rid them from your mind indefinitely. With these impeding phantasm beliefs banished you can finally be free to reach new heights on your soul’s journey.

Furthermore, Princess B is excellent with communication. She is very vocal and speaks clearly. If you can already communicate through your third eye, you will be able to communicate with Princess B quite easily. If you are in the process of developing your psychic “hearing” she will make a choice companion to practice telepathy and clairaudience with. She swings the pendulum vigorously when using it to communicate thus making it a good confirmation tool for your conversations. She can even communicate well with divination cards such as tarot or oracle cards. Moreover, Princess B has the ability to enter and communicate through your dreams, if you allow her to. Some people naturally block out entities while they sleep as a form of protection while in a vulnerable state. If you are one who does this but would like to learn how to work with your companions in your dreams, Princess B can help teach you how to lower your defenses for particular beings, allowing them to enter into your dreams.

Message to Future Companion: You have an illusionist in your life. Be it spiritual or otherwise, and I am here to teach you how to properly discern. I am going to expose this illusionist to you once and for all. Together we can navigate the deceptions in your mind and in your life. I will help exploit the manipulators so you do not fall victim to their mischievous agendas.

Vessel: .925 Sterling Silver Black Onyx Pendant

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