Pit Queen B

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Appearance: Reigning in the terrifying Pit Realm. Queen B appears half daemon and half spider. From the waist up she is violet, slender, and has long lanky arms tipped with sharp black claws. Her hair is long and black as the void. Her diamond-shaped charcoal-black eyes are halfway hidden by her bangs and invoke an uneasy feeling when they are locked onto your gaze. Queen B has a mouth of razor-sharp teeth and a pair of long, curved, retractable fangs that deposit venom when she bites. From the waist down the queen has the abdomen of a shiny black spider with a violet stamp. Emerging from her abdomen are 6 long legs and spinners on the tip. Along her legs protrude sharp curved spines and a hooked claw is positioned on each tip of her legs. She is seen walking the webbed tunnels that she spins, searching for her next victim.

Area of focus: The intimidating Queen B has stepped forth to aid you with letting go of corrosive ties that impede you. While cynical people and negative situations slowly eat away at your life force energy, you have fallen too comfortable in your toxic situation, and grown accustomed to breeding grounds for negativity. Perhaps, even accepting and/or expecting it. The Queen is here to inform you that this is not how your life needs to be. Queen B can work behind the scenes injecting her venom to help dissolve these toxic ties that corrode you; thus assisting in giving way to paving a road promoting growth.

Scenic photo: Pumpkin surrounded by webbing with a spider dangling above

Message to companion: Relying on familiarity is your downfall. I can show you that you do not need to cling to the toxic ties that bind you. At first, it will feel uncomfortable as I work to dissolve damaging links. Do not fight against my venom. Allow it to destroy the shackling ties; freeing you of their negative influence. In time you will learn that you are worth more than being a narcissist’s toy. No longer will you accept such ruinous relationships in your life. I can help you to grow to value self-preservation and know your worth.

Vessel: .925 Sterling Silver Wild Horse Jasper Pendant

This is a discounted summary listing. Summary biographies encourage you to spend time with your companion building a deeper relationship to uncover the more intimate details. Chosen by your companion, the provided scenic photo in the listing gives you a glimpse into the mystery surrounding their energy and personality. Name and list of offerings will be provided to their companion.