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P is a fierce Queen from a realm void of light. This lower Infernal realm is where nightmares are born. Creature-esque entities that go bump in the night emerge from these dark Infernal pits to prey upon unsuspecting victims. This IS considered a black arts realm and we do not recommend you traveling there unless you do not scare easily and enjoy a challenge. Even though most Pit Daemons are black arts, we only bring forth the extremely dark arts entities. They are the only ones of this ghastly realm that are human-friendly and capable of human/daemon companionship.

Queen P appears standing 7 feet tall with jet-black, shiny. skin. She has thick black hair that reaches the middle of her back when it is not done-up or braided back. She has thick ram-like horns protruding from the upper sides of her head that curve on either side of her face. Atop Queen P’s head is a tiara of long, thin, sharp, black, metallic points, signifying her royal position. Her eyes are pure white matching her ivory pointed teeth revealed when she mischievously smiles. Queen P has two sets of top fangs with the outer fangs being slightly longer than the others. Her strong and sultry voice is quick to command your attention and her nude shapely body holds your attention.

Queen P has very present energy. Her strong energy is extremely dark arts, bordering black arts. Oddly enough, it is not exceedingly heavy, but it is still dense. Queen P’s energy coats your aura and feels as though you are being wrapped in a weighted blanket. Due to her strong level of personal empowerment, she tends to activate your solar plexus chakra when in her presence. Her energy can also be noticeably felt coursing through your root and throat chakras. Another effect of Queen P’s energy is that it has the capability to invoke arousal, if she desires so.

Queen P has a very dominant personality that exudes Boss energy. She rules her sub-realm alone and is extremely self-reliant. This independant Queen has strong confidence and stands sturdy in her personal power. She is aggressive in her approaches and intimidating to the majority. Queen P has an impressive amount of courage, intellect, and tact. She oversees her legion and fights alongside them in battle; leading them to victory. Queen P is no prissy armchair ruler. She meets her adversaries head on and savagely devastates them. Her kingdom is one of the strongest in the Pit realm; as she sadistically crushes those who dare try to take control.

There is another side to Queen P. Not Only is she an intimidating ruler who has an inextinguishable thirst for blood on the battlefield, she also has an insatiable sexual appetite. She would prefer that her companion, male or female, is sexual with her. In fact, she has an entire dungeon dedicated to this purpose in her castle. If you wind up a guest in her dungeon, it is wise to remember that Queen P is the master of this sex dungeon, lest you want to be punished. Then again, if that is your thing, you might want to try to challenge her a bit before she makes you submit. A bit of advice, do keep in mind that Queen P is a sadist, choose your words and actions wisely while visiting her dungeon.

Having a sadistic nature is natural for Pit Daemons. The Queen is no different. She likes to toy with her prey before annihilating them. You will do well to have her as part of your protector team. As always, you need to be explicit with your requests of protection. If you want protection from all that means you harm, then say so. Or else she will not mercilessly remove your spiritual guests that you invite in who have ill intentions. Afterall, you invited them, they are guests. 

Furthermore, Queen P has a vicious combat style and can train you in astral warfare, should you desire to learn. Offense, defense, energetic, weaponry, hand to hand combat. And how to successfully strategize attacks are all areas Queen P will cover with you. She will train you how to ruthlessly destroy your enemies. Her lessons will be tough and you may get a little bumped and bruised in the astral, but it will be well worth it.

Queen P has stepped forth to help reveal trickery. If you feel a calling to Queen P you likely are either being deceived, or are about to be deceived, and as one who is quite capable of deception herself, she can easily reveal the person to you. Queen P says “You can not deceive a Queen of deception”. She knows all the tricks to the trade. With the ability to effortlessly see through trickery and illusion, Queen P will glady point out  who is trying to manipulate you and what their true intentions are. Queen P is an incredible companion to have standing in your corner.

Queen P is not for the faint of heart. She is extremely dark arts and one should be experienced in working with entities of such a dark nature. As I have warned with previously listed Pits, they tend to not “work” for free and require an exchange for your requests. Lucky for you Queen P only requires offerings... of the lavish variety of course. She smirks and says “You did not think it would be that easy did you?”

Vessel: .925 Sterling Silver Petrified Wood Pendant

Note: Please do not just purchase this listing. Queen P will be going on visits until midnight, the stroke of Sahmain. Then she will chose her companion. If you are interested in a visit please join our discord to request one.