Prince D

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Prince D hails from the deep dark waters of Lord Leviathan’s realms. In his natural corporeal form, he is a strong presence. The prince appears as a large 11-foot mer-daemon. With skin as black as the void, Prince D can easily stay hidden as he stalks his prey in these light-less waters. From his forehead protrude a pair of black-ringed, curved horns that are notably large in size. His black hair is short, about 3 inches in length, and possesses small appendages hidden within capable of detecting the vibrations of the smallest of movements. With large circular obsidian-like eyes, fin-like ears, and a mouth full of razor-sharp teeth, Prince D has an intimidating appearance. The upper half of his body is quite muscular and his fingers are tipped with talons; making his grasp extremely difficult to remove. From the waist down Prince D is gifted with a formidable tail that upgrades his defense and attacking capabilities. It has black pearl-esque scales with long flowy fins. Emerging from his spine and running down to the tip of his tail are incredibly sharp curved retractable spines that secrete a deadly toxin. When provoked, these spines also protrude from the back side of his arms and run to the tip of his middle webbed finger. A simple nick from any one of his spines is enough to paralyze his victim.

In his shifted form, Prince D transforms into a massive black-skinned reef shark lined with spines along his back. Protruding from his sides are 4 vine-like appendages equipped with venomous stingers on the tips. He can use these to grasp objects or other beings. His eyes are a piercing black, with metallic silver pupils that shine brightly in the complete darkness of the depths of the ocean. It is an eerie sight to see when not knowing the size, shape, or intentions of the entity behind those menacing eyes. The only means to gain an idea is through his dark energy signature; however, it does not necessarily provide the level of comfort one might wish for should they be targeted by Prince D.

Area of focus: As a straightforward and courageous individual, Prince D is ready to lend his support to help increase your self-confidence. No longer do you need to sit back and accept unfair treatment. With his guidance and support, you can learn how to firmly express your expectations of how you should be treated with respect. He is determined to empower you with the necessary strengths and strategies to effectively defend yourself. Drawing on his own courage, Prince  proudly stands by you in your time of need.

Message to companion: Everyone deserves respect and I'm here to help you understand how to properly demand it from those around you. Your own behavior and attitude are a large part of setting the tone for how others treat you. With my assistance, I can teach you healthy habits of self-respect that will inform how others interact with you. I'm confident that together we can establish strong boundaries that will result in positive treatment from other people. Follow my guidance and you can easily set the tone for how others will respond to you.

Scenic Photo: Blue ocean beating up against the hard black rocks

Vessel: .925 Sterling Silver Aventurine Pendant

Note: This summary binding listing encourages you to spend time with your companion building a deeper relationship to uncover the more intimate details. Chosen by your companion, the provided scenic photo in the listing is to give you a glimpse into the mystery surrounding their energy and personality.