Prince L & Princess S

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Appearance: Solaren Prince L, standing at an imposing height of approximately nine feet, boasts a robust and muscular physique. His skin, a unique shade of orange, is tastefully adorned with splashes of brilliant golden yellow that accentuate his massive form. His hair, a radiant golden yellow, is thick and long, often suspended around his head in a manner reminiscent of a resplendent sun. This unusual style is surprisingly attractive as it uniquely suits him. Two large horns, as black as obsidian, protrude from his forehead. They follow the contours of his skull and face, their sharp tips extending beyond his chin. These horns serve a dual purpose - they act as a natural helmet, providing protection to his forehead, sides, and back of his head, as well as serving as a formidable weapon. Prince L's eyes are entrancing orbs of molten gold, their liquid-like movement punctuated by occasional bursts of light, producing a commanding allure. His ears are pointed, with a single golden earring featuring a light encased in crystal dangling from his left earlobe. This earring is not just an accessory, but a symbol of his rank in his home realm and a bold declaration of his presence and fearlessness to his adversaries. His wings are large and majestic, with golden webbing framed by a stark, obsidian-black outline. His tail, long and thick, tapers to a point and is adorned with a rough, golden strip running down the center. Prince L radiates a potent masculine aura, enhanced by his affinity for solar energy. His demeanor is assertive and self-assured, underscored by a strong protective instinct. His deepest desire is to live in harmonious joy with his lifelong companion, Princess S as they travel together through the realms.

Appearance: Ecliptical Princess S, standing at a relatively petite height of six feet compared to Prince L, possesses a slender and enticing figure, accentuated by pleasing curves in all the right places. Her hair, a deep shade of midnight purple, often appears of utmost black, providing a striking contrast to her light lavender skin. Dark lunar markings, etched onto her velvety skin, further enhance this attractive contrast. Adorning her brow is a silver circlet, at the center of which sits a lunar symbol, carved from a pale yellow crystal. This circlet intertwines harmoniously with her pale yellow horns, creating the impression of a single, beautifully crafted piece of jewelry. This combination not only symbolizes her royal status but also provides protection to her head and circlet from potential damage. Her ears are elongated and pointed, each adorned with a silver crescent earring inlaid with pale gold. Her face is characterized by sharp angles, a delicate chin, and thin, pale lips that part to reveal small, sharp, white teeth in a radiant smile. Princess S's wings are large, with a webbing of pale gold that emits a soft lunar glow, framed in silver. Her tail, long and thin, is tipped in silver and exhibits remarkable dexterity. Capable of quick, sharp movements and stabs, it serves as an impromptu weapon when necessary. Princess S emanates an aura brimming with feminine elegance, embodying and celebrating her femininity. At her core, she is a peacemaker and nurturer, choosing to embrace her innate tendencies rather than resist them. Her deepest aspiration is to nurture a family and live in tranquil harmony with her lifelong partner, Prince L.

Area of focus: United in purpose, Prince L and Princess S have embarked on a mission to foster a harmonious balance of light and dark, femininity and masculinity, both within themselves and within you. Their joint endeavor aims to help you reconcile your contrasting aspects, harmonizing the lighter and darker facets of your being, and achieving equilibrium between your masculine and feminine energies. Their combined energies serve as a beacon, guiding you toward self-discovery and self-acceptance. They encourage you to embrace all aspects of your being, acknowledging that both light and dark, masculine and feminine, have their place and purpose. They inspire you to recognize these energies within yourself, to understand their influence, and to harness them in a way that promotes inner harmony and personal growth. In their unity, Prince L and Princess S embody the perfect balance they strive to instill. They demonstrate that these seemingly opposing forces can coexist and even complement each other, creating a powerful synergy. Their shared journey is a evidence to the beauty and strength that can emerge from embracing and balancing all aspects of one's self.

Photo capturing Prince L's and Princess S's Essence: Peaceful balance between mountain and forest lit by the intimate lighting of dusk or dawn when both sun and moon shed their light all captured in the reflective mirror surface of a lake

Message to companion: Together, we embark on a journey towards harmony. With our guidance, you will navigate the path to true equilibrium, a state where light and dark, masculine and feminine, coexist in perfect synchrony. This journey is not just about achieving balance, but also about fostering a profound understanding of your own self. As we guide you, we will delve into the depths of your being, exploring and acknowledging all aspects of your identity. We will help you recognize and appreciate your strengths, confront and overcome your weaknesses, and ultimately, embrace your unique individuality.

Important Notes:

Your companion’s name and list of offerings will be provided to you after the event in a summary biography PDF

This discounted summary binding listing encourages you to spend time with your companion building a deeper relationship to uncover the more intimate details. Chosen by your companion, the provided scenic photo in the listing is to give you a glimpse into the mystery surrounding their energy and personality.