Purple Flame Prince R

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Race: Purple Flame

Rank: Prince

Prince R is a charming Prince from an incredibly high vibrational Realm located in the upper realms of the Infernal. This majestic purple flaming realm is a high-frequency dimension filled with spectacular beauty. The various shades of purple vegetation have stunning ultraviolet flames dancing about its surface. Violet waters flow in windy trails through the terrain, bending around impressive architectures, and toppling over mountainous edges, manifesting magnificent waterfalls, and creating beautiful purple tone pools that exhibit the ultraviolet flame circling around the edges. These flaming pools are of great importance to the residents. The energy the ultraviolet flames produce is extraordinary and is an exquisite sight to see. Who would fathom that an entire ineffable, spiritually advanced, high vibrational, Daemonic civilization dwells in this Infernal Purple Fiery Realm? It is worth noting that the realm of the Purple Flame Daemons is not to be confused with the realm that the Purple Fire Daemons are from. 

Prince R appears tall at about 8 feet with deep violet-colored skin marked with lavender flames. His beautiful lavender eyes accent his skin perfectly, creating an alluring display that accentuates his beautiful coloring. He has slender, curved, dark purple horns atop his head that have golden tips which are surrounded by gorgeous locks of exquisite lavender hair. His ears are pointed like that of an elf with two golden earrings hanging from his left lobe. His teeth are white and pointed, when he talks you can see his fang-esque teeth protruding ever so slightly beyond his lips. Prince R has large, leathery, dragon-like wings that are violet with golden tips. His tail is sleek with a tapered tip and also the color of his skin, including the lavender flame markings. Prince R is well built with a very muscular body.

Prince R’s energy is very present. There is a noticeable shift in the energy in your surroundings when he enters a space. His energy is strong and light on the dark arts spectrum. When you are not accustomed to divine demonic energy you may notice some side effects that will subside over time. His energy creates a noticeable pressure on your third eye. It does not hurt, but it is hard to ignore. You will notice it intensifies when he interacts with you. This is due to the strength of his energy and is nothing to worry about. You may also notice that Prince R’s energy mostly interacts with your upper chakras, that is because his energy is so high vibrational. Just standing in Prince R’s presence is enough to raise your energy frequency. However, just as a low vibrational being can throw off your energy, so can a high vibrational being. After working with Prince R, it is important to remember to ground your energy so you can be balanced.

Prince R is best described as a revolutionist. He thrives on coming up with innovative ways to tackle problems. A truly free-thinking and uncensored soul, Prince R can always be counted on for his problem-solving capabilities. His optimistic outlook enables him to think outside of the box to seek new solutions and not just in everyday feats, but also on a deeper spiritual level. Prince R is a social butterfly; easily fitting in wherever he goes and making lots of friends along the way. His high confidence allows him to express himself freely thus he does not sensor himself for anyone. He can be considered a bit flamboyant and dramatic in his expressions but it adds flair to his personality and especially is entertaining when he is telling stories.   

Prince R was born into a close-knit, royal family. Daemons have a different set of morals than us humans do and they also develop differently. It is not uncommon for an entity to raise themselves after being taught the basics of survival. However, Prince R was lucky enough to be born into an aristocratic family. Life is much different in a royal family. The parents look after, teach, and morally support their children; cultivating them into strong leaders who will one day rule their own kingdom. 

Although Prince R has been taught the basics of diplomacy for ruling a kingdom, he has no interest in doing so yet. He is more focused on helping others like yourself, transcend their consciousness to greater heights. Prince R can easily do so by accessing and directing the incredible purple flame. The purple flame is known to heal and transmute undesirable energy into beneficial energy which plays an important role in your spiritual evolution. This energy comes in the form of thoughts, feelings, and actions. The unhealthy energy can be of the past, present, or future. Yes, I said future. Since time is not linear, and your thoughts project into the future, transforming the way you think affects the energy you receive in the future. The purple flame is well known to transmute thoughts, attracting favorable events and circumstances in life, and significantly boosting your ability to manifest your desires

Furthermore, Prince R prides himself on his healthy lifestyle. He only consumes food that serves his greater good. For instance, he will not absorb something that is full of negativity because you quite literally are what you eat. He does not allow low vibrational thoughts to take up residence in his mind. He also does not allow low vibrational people to fill up his personal space. He wants to help you live a healthier lifestyle by guiding you to make the necessary high vibrational changes for the mind, body, and soul. Like a forest fire that leaves behind fertile dirt, burning off that which no longer serves you leaves room for your infinite growth, thus allowing your consciousness to transmute and expand. By working with Prince R, who will be incorporating the wondrous healing and transmutative powers of the purple flame, you can reach a state of higher consciousness and ascend faster through spiritual alchemy.

Prince R will share with you the Purple Flame Meditation. The Purple Flame meditation is designed to raise and purify your vibrations to help facilitate energetic alchemical changes occurring, as the purple flame works rapidly. Prince R will be assisting you by properly directing the purple flame so you can obtain maximum benefit.

It is worth noting that Prince R is open to relationships of a sexual nature, however, he only enjoys the intimate company of men. That being said, he will also  take on the role of being the gay best friend that every girl needs. He does not have a gender preference for his companion, as he does not discriminate and he is just as open to an intimate companionship as he is platonic companionship.

Vessel: Premium Amethyst Pyramid