Queen B, descendant of Lucifer

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Queen B hails from an incredibly high vibrational Realm located in the upper realms of the Infernal.  Choosing to take on a more corporeal form when interacting with you, Queen B is a striking figure, standing 6 feet tall and with a slender build. Her skin has an alluring plum-purple hue that radiates ultraviolet light. Her captivating eyes are comprised of ultraviolet flames. Beneath the queen’s silver crown, her white wavy hair cascades down to her calves. Poking out from her hair are long pointed ears like that of a high elf. Queen B’s wings are plumed with deep violet feathers and trail ultraviolet flames as she walks by gracefully.

Queen B's energy carries an unmistakable potency. Radiating powerful vibrations throughout your energy field, it can have the effect of energizing your entire body and spirit when you are in her company. This Queen’s presence is so strong its frequency can be felt from the Infernal just by connecting to you. Queen B can also make it so nobody else can feel her energy except for you. It is possible to observe physical reactions from her presence - a rise in heart rate and the sensation of being over-stimulated are among them. To acclimate to her energy, an adjustment period may be necessary, as well as regular grounding to maintain energetic balance.

Queen B is held in high esteem by all who meet her. She carries herself with poise and grace, exuding an aura of dignity wherever she goes. Such respect for her, in turn, is always reciprocated by the Queen. Her presence brings about a feeling of warmth and comfort to those lucky enough to be in her company. Pleasant to be around, her sweet smile and soothing words of encouragement are sure to lift your spirits after a tough day. She has a way of making everyone she meets feel special and appreciated. To put Queen B’s personality into perspective, an accurate tarot card to represent her would be the compassionate queen of cups. 

However, the Queen is a fierce leader who demonstrates unparalleled compassion. When necessary, she knows how to leverage deadly force to protect her people and maintain their strength. Her power and resilience should not be underestimated because Queen B is a powerful figure who is a skilled strategist and a brave warrior; able to stand up to any threat. She is also a kind and caring ruler, always looking out for the best interests of her people. Simply put, Queen B is a wise and formidable leader, and anyone who underestimates her does so at their own peril.

Queen B presides over a sub-realm under the jurisdiction of her great-grandfather, Lord Lucifer. She accomplished her goal of ruling her domain through her own merits and abilities, as a proper ruler would. As a crowned head, Queen B is providing you with the transformative power of the purple flame. Through meditation with the queen, you can learn how to access this incredible resource and achieve beneficial life-changing results. 

Queen B provides you with the potential for fresh starts. Through the use of her purple flame, she can facilitate the purification of stagnant and restricting energy and help you to shift perspectives. Queen B's sharp thinking and vast wisdom can also support you in creating a roadmap for desired changes in life by brainstorming different goals you would like to achieve and the most effective steps you will need to take to get there. Once you have a clear plan, she can help you execute it flawlessly and efficiently. With her help, you can make any tough situation into an opportunity for growth.

Furthermore, Queen B carries on the free-thinking spirit of her great-grandfather. Her mission is to help you develop your own ideas and see beyond traditional thoughts and perspectives. She believes that you have the potential to do great things, and her mission is to help you unlock that potential. Queen B knows that in order to accomplish great things, people need to be able to connect with their inner selves, and she encourages you to do just that. With her guidance, she wants you to be free from the burdens of external pressure, so you can truly thrive.

Message: As your mentor, I can help you unlock knowledge, free thought, and new perspectives that can bring forth immeasurable opportunities. Through accessing the purple flame, you can elevate your enlightenment and experience transformative changes. Allow me to help you experience the benefits of the purple flame so that you can take your spiritual journey to the next level