Queen V

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Race: Purple Flame

Rank: Queen

Queen V is a remarkable Daemoness from an incredibly high vibrational Realm located in the upper realms of the Infernal. This majestic purple flaming realm is a high-frequency dimension filled with spectacular beauty. The various shades of purple vegetation have stunning ultraviolet flames dancing about its surface. Violet waters flow in windy trails through the terrain, bending around impressive architectures, and toppling over mountainous edges, manifesting magnificent waterfalls, and creating beautiful purple tone pools that exhibit the ultraviolet flame circling around the edges. These flaming pools are of great importance to the residents. The energy the ultraviolet flames produce is extraordinary and is an exquisite sight to see. Who would fathom that an entire ineffable, spiritually advanced, high vibrational, Daemonic civilization dwells in this Infernal Purple Fiery Realm? It is worth noting that the realm of the Purple Flame Daemons is not to be confused with the realm that the Purple Fire Daemons are from. 

Queen V appears tall and beautiful. She stands 6 feet high, with a slender build, but curvy. She has amethyst purple skin with clusters of a shimmery silver overlay appearing as beautiful galaxies in the night sky. Queen V has long, plum-purple, wavy hair that has ultraviolet dancing flames rising from the curled-up edges. Her bangs are long, falling on either side of her face. She does not have horns but in the middle of her forehead, Queen V adorns a stunning, glowing, purple gem extending down from her royal circlet. Her captivating eyes are such a light, bright, purple they almost look crystal-clear, with animated ultraviolet lightning strikes. She has plum purple painted eyelids and lips. When she opens her mouth her small, pointed teeth are visible. Queen V has a large pair of amethyst purple, thinly webbed, bat-like wings, that has solid silver running along the boning spaciously spaning out into the webbing as tiny specs. Her sleek and slender amethyst purple tail has a silver arrow tip. When clothed, Queen V wears flowing silver dresses of many different styles.

Queen V has potent, high-vibrational, dark, energy that encompasses your aura. That is correct. Dark energy can vibrate on a high frequency as well. You can feel her energy as soon as she enters your surroundings. Her energy even has physical attributes. It can produce cool sensations on your skin, cool breezes. Queen V’s energy also has the ability to interact with your electromagnetic field making your hair stand up. That is a key indicator that she is touching you. It is no coincidence that her eyes appear to have lightning striking. Similar to how the lightning clouds are negatively charged, so is Queen V’s energy negatively charged. This is not a bad thing, remember negatively charged ions create a positive effect. Her energy is capable of naturally elevating your vibrational frequency.

Queen V has an uplifting personality. She is kind and caring. She is a mentor and many entities look up to Queen V. She is highly respected; but not because of fear. She is respected because of her loyalty and dedication to her people. Queen V is highly independent and rules her realm without a King. She is a positive influence and role model to look up to. She is captivating and inspires others to reach higher levels of growth and development. She keeps a positive mindset and attitude the majority of the time. However, let you not be fooled. There is always another side to a coin. Just as helpful as the purple flame is, it can also be a destructive force. She may be kind but she also does not put up with disrespect or being mistreated. Her uplifting Purple Flame can turn into a powerful lightning force striking and incinerating her foes. This kind-hearted Queen is not to be taken lightly. Foolish are they who try to cross her and well protected is her companion.

Queen V is a master of the Purple Flame. She was one of the originals taught how to efficiently summon, access, and utilize this arcane flame. She has been working with the energies of the purple flame for millennia. Queen V is so proficient with the purple flame that she has been awarded her own kingdom to rule and oversee and ensure the furthering of the teachings of the Purple Flame.

This purpler than purple flame was not always available to the Infernal realms. It is the Fallen Angels who introduced the invigorating ultraviolet purple flame. When they descended to the Infernal the F.A brought with them the arcane knowledge and wisdom of the higher realms. Here they forged high vibrational realms located in the upper Infernal dimensions and taught the locals how to properly access and utilize the incredible powers of the purple flame. 

Queen V has a lot to offer you. The Purple Flame is a magnificent source that cultivates spiritual evolution, helping you reach ascension. She can access the purple flame to assist you with healing past life trauma and burning away negative past life connections that are hindering your growth. This incredible purple flame has the power to elevate your consciousness. It can transmute low vibration thoughts, feelings, and energy into high vibration thoughts, feelings, and energy. Remember how I mentioned that Queen V’s energy is akin to negative ions? The radiant energy of the purple flame runs freely through her. Being in Queen V’s presence has a biochemical effect on you. It is the energy of the Purple flame that enables her to naturally boost your serotonin levels alleviating depression, and stress. Think of how you feel standing near a waterfall or in a light rain shower; that euphoric feeling. This is a biochemical reaction caused by the negative ions present in the atmosphere. Queen V can produce the same effect by utilizing the purple flame.

When you are vibrating on a higher frequency life gets better. Your ability to manifest soars through the roof. Your connections, opportunities, and experiences are all positively heightened. Your health and mental status improve allowing your ability to create the life you desire to amplify. You notice that frequent experiences happen that easily align with your desires. Your life just flows in the direction you want it to. The purple flame can help this along and Queen V is here to assist you with accessing this magnificent purple flame.

Queen V wants to share with you a meditation that entities of her realm, along with myself, have put together for you to access the energy of the Purple Flame. As you perform this meditation she will help guide you and direct the energy efficiently so you receive the most benefit. The meditation will be included in a separate PDF.

Vessel: Premium Violet  Amethyst Pyramid (to use for the meditation)

Message for future companion: “Are you ready for a life-altering experience? Let me help your consciousness soar to new heights. Together I can help you achieve the spiritual advancement that your soul has been craving.”

Offerings and Queen V's name will be revealed to her lucky companion.