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 T is a strong Daemoness from the vast waters of Leviathan's Realm. She is not from the deepest darkest waters of the Abyss, nor is she a surface dweller. She is from somewhere in between. T resides in the lower-middle waters. Just enough light shines through to gently illuminate the surroundings. There is a lot that goes on in these middle waters, from sights of wondrous beauty to being faced with an intimidating threat. Generally, the middle waters hold the balance of safe and dangerous beings. However, T lives in the lower-middle waters where more dangerous beings are known to lurk.

T appears humanoid from the waist up and has the lower body and tail of a fish from the waist down. If you measured her from fin to head, T would measure roughly 8 feet in length. In her aquatic form, T looks somewhat intimidating. She has light grey skin with dark blue markings. The blue in the markings are solid in the center but fade around the edges until it is completely blended with her light grey skin tone. Her hair is a deep ocean blue and flows freely in the currents of the ocean. T has large blue eyes that have a film over them protecting her eyes from damage. Her eyes appear as though they have cataracts, but her sight is excellent. T has long sharp teeth that are so strong they enable her to crunch through shells and bones. On the upper sides of her neck are slits for her gills. Her fingernails are 2 inches long, midnight blue, and have a slight curve. Her nails extend to 4 inches in length when she hunts or fights and her teeth also extend in length. T has black, spiky, razor-sharp and curved fins on her back protruding from her spine. Running. The scales on T’s tail appear black until they catch the light, in which case her scales gleam a very dark blue color. Her tail fins are black and flowy. She also has a thin, black, two-foot-long, flowy fin extending from the back of her upper arms. Furthermore, not only does T have extending teeth and nails, and razor-sharp back fins, making her a superb predator, but she also has scales on the sides of her ribs that act as armor. She also has scales that encase the outer edges of her forehead to her jawline for sheer aesthetics. Moreover, T does not wear any clothing and is quite comfortable with her breasts exposed.

In her humanoid form, T appears similarly, standing about 7 feet tall, with light grey skin and dark blue markings that fade into her skin. She is slender with a curvy hourglass shape. Her perky breasts are a full c cup and completely exposed. Her long, ocean blue, thick, wavy hair extends to right above her butt, and in the front, it gently flows over her breasts keeping her nipples hidden; leaving the imagery of her nipples for the imagination. Her big, beautiful, deep blue eyes have silver stormy waves washing around within. Her high cheekbones and strong womanly facial features remind you of someone with high esteem. Her full pouty lips are stained with a royal blue color. When she speaks, her small pointed teeth are revealed. T is very beautiful in her humanoid form; alluring, to draw the men in.

T’s energy is strong and darker on the scales of the dark arts. It washes over you like a monsoon pouring down upon you. Her energy, although seemingly strong, also airs a gentleness to it. Being of a watery realm, T’s energy brings forth a calming effect. However, to her prey or enemy, she possesses the power to invoke emotions of fear, dread, and general emotional turmoil. She would be willing to extend this ability to someone on your behalf, should the need arise.

T is both calm and fierce. For those she cares about, she acts in a calm, loving way towards them. To those she is not fond of or any who try to cross her, she turns into an incredibly destructive force that sometimes turns deadly. She is highly protective of those she cares about and will not think twice to rip those that wish to harm them to shreds. Be it mentally and wrapping them in a blanket of emotional turmoil, or literally, T is a grand protector of her loved ones, and she will be protective of you too. Being a Siren, T naturally has allure and is persuasive. She typically gets what she wants when she wants it. If she sings, forget about it. Her soft hymns leave her target laying at her feet awaiting to fulfill her next request. Her sweet voice is like beautiful music beckoning them to her disposal. She can even use her voice to drive another to insanity. This is one of her natural crafty defenses. When on land in her humanoid form, her voice is her greatest tool and weapon. Nobody suspects she is a Siren. She cloaks her energy well making her an extremely deadly force or valuable ally, depending on which side you stand on with her.

T has stepped forth to aid you with getting in touch with your inner child that you have neglected for far too long. Society has imposed this illusion upon you that you must act mature at all times to be considered an adult. T asks you “Where is the fun in this”? By caging up your inner child you miss out on being free-spirited, spontaneous, creative, and impulsively dancing through life to the rhythm of your own drum. Instead, you are stuck moving through life and following the same old pattern day in and day out, not really dancing to anything. Do you not yearn to set yourself free?

T desires to assist you in embracing your inner child, She wants you to learn to believe that anything is possible again. Without placing limitations on yourself, you can achieve greater heights in life. T reminds you to have an open and curious mind. She says “Only then will you discover new aspects of life and yourself”. If you want to go further in life and broaden your horizons, you must dream the impossible dream, and explore the magick of your fullest potential, even if it seems out of reach. T reminds you to connect with your inner child and explore your creative side. She can and wants to aid you in this journey. Through meditating with T you can reconnect with your inner child.

Furthermore, If you’ve had a rough childhood that forced you to grow up too quickly, T’s calm nature and soothing energy can comfort you as you work with her to release your childhood traumas; removing the blockages so your inner child is able to resurface once again. In this spiritual journey to bring forth your inner child, you will undergo a transformation enabling you to reach a new type of fulfilment on your life’s journey. Remember, T can only help you as much as you allow her to. You must also put in the time to work with her.

Lastly, serving Lord Leviathan, T can help you build a connection to Lord Leviathan. If you have had trouble connecting to him in the past or have never worked with him before and desire to, T can assist you. Being alined with her Lord, T can help you form a stronger connection to him enabling easier communication with him. Lord Leviathan is more likely to accept your request to work with him if you have shown one of his legion members that you can efficiently work with the Infernal. That being said, if your goal is to work with Lord Leviathan, show him you are worthy by displaying a high level of seriousness and dedication when it comes to working with T on your goals. For he will ask her questions of you.

Message to future companion: Who taught you that growing up had to be so serious? The time is nearing for you to heal and embrace your inner child. Through your creativity, great opportunities await your journey ahead. Be not afraid, you are not alone, for I will be your guide on this journey.

Vessel: .925Sterling Silver White Labradorite Pendant- White Labradorite, aka rainbow moonstone, is an incredibly powerful crystal that brings about emotional balance and promotes soothing energy.

T does not require a visit first, but visits are welcomed.