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S is an outstanding King from a solar realm in the Infernal.  King S appears mighty and fiery. He stands a towering 11 feet tall, has a very muscular build, and burnt orange aflame skin. His hair looks like wisps of orange and yellow dancing flames. His large, gold, crown has suns with rays where the points would be. The suns are adorned with yellow circular crystals that absorb and store solar energy. Emerging from right above his forehead, growing in a backward fashion, are a pair of pumpkin-orange horns striped with metallic gold bands, and tipped with flames. His brilliant eyes appear as bright yellow suns gleaming in the sky complimented by his darker burnt orange skin. King S has a pair of medium-length top fangs that slightly protrude when his lips are sealed. His pointy ears are hidden by his flaming hair. Around his left bicep, King S sports 3 gold arm bands with a sun engraved in each one. Surfacing from his shoulder blades are a large pair of wings that look like they are made entirely of fire. His tail matches the pattern of his horns, and even the tip has flames. King S is usually seen carrying a magickal scepter made of gold and encasing an amber orange crystal.

King S’s energy is on the light-dark Infernal energy spectrum. It is hard to miss as it encompasses you vibrating throughout your entire aura when he is near. His explosion of energy produces a warmth that progressively heats your body up, potentially causing you to perspire. Prepare to need to fan yourself as you are connected to the presence of this magnificent King. He is a great companion to seek out when the nights are cold. Along with heating your body up, King S’s energy can be felt activating the solar plexus chakra. Furthermore, his energy also helps create a balanced energetic atmosphere where darker energies are more prevalent. King S’s potent energy might be a bit overwhelming to some, but not to worry, the bonding meditation will assist you and help you adjust you rather quickly.

King S’s is an accommodating king. He is good natured and cares much about the happiness of the residents in his realm. He is jovial and enjoys spreading cheer by hosting magnificent banquets in the large hall of his castle and arranging grand festivities in the courtyards of his castle grounds. He is also a lover of music and dancing. If King S is hosting a shindig, you can bet there is a feast, live music, dancing, singing, and games going on. He would love for you to attend his celebrations and indulge in the uplifting atmosphere he creates in his realm. Although merry and generous, King S is also a fierce protector of the inhabitants of his realm. He can rain down an incinerating storm of fury in a heartbeat if his beloveds are being threatened. As you form a relationship with King S, you too will be amongst one if his beloveds and under his protection.

The sun is a star of immense power that your life literally revolves around in more ways than one. It gifts you vitality and offers you the energy of life. Many people ignore the significance of solar energy, but not King S. He has stepped forth to remind you of the importance of the sun’s rays. Like a solar panel, the sun charges you, restoring your vitality and recharging your spiritual self. If you do not spend enough time in the sun you will notice that your energy begins to dwindle. You may even notice you have higher levels of stress, anxiety, depression, and fatigue. The Solar rays have a significant influence over your mental status and soaking up the sun’s energy is healing. King S invites you to explore daily activities outside in the sun, with him. Walking, jogging, yoga, swimming, meditating, conversing with King S, even just sitting in the sun reading a book are all activities King S would enjoy accompanying you on. Even if it is cloudy, you will still absorb the incredibly healing solar rays that our sun has to offer you. King S requests that you spend 20 minutes a day in the sun with him. During this time he will also be adding to his solar reserves; channeling the solar energy from his realm, as well as absorbing the solar energy of the Earthen Realm.

Spiritual hygiene is of great importance for the people of Earth. You are already aware of why not keeping your aura cleansed or your energy balanced negatively affects your psyche. That said, King S can teach you new methods of cleansing using the energy of our sun, as well as, cleansing you himself using the solar energy of his sun. He desires to teach you as opposed to always doing it for you. King S wants you to learn for yourself so you can take this knowledge with you beyond this realm. However, he is aware that solar energy is not always shining down upon you. In these instances, along with while he is teaching you, and when you require his assistance, he will gladly aid you. 

King S reminds you that balancing your divine masculine and feminine energies are just as important as maintaining good spiritual hygiene. King S, being strongly aligned with currents of the sun, is very familiar with masculine energy. He can assist you to balance yours if you have too little or too much masculine energy. Divine masculine energy expresses itself in areas revolving around assertiveness, confidence, structure, logic, making your voice heard, and fighting the good fight. It is the driving force that pushes you to take action. An imbalance of divine masculine energy would present itself as overly aggressive in the above areas, or not aggressive enough. Through working with King S, he can guide you on how to balance your divine masculinity.

Currently the Earth’s sun is producing a lot of solar flares as it is approaching its solar maximum phase. Solar flares affect the human consciousness similar to the occurrences of a full moon or dark moon. The effects can be wild and unpredictable; especially for the imbalanced individual. During a solar flare the energy is heightened as the sun projects it’s plasma and magnetic field out into the universe. Of course, Earth is affected. Whatever state of consciousness you are vibrating in will be intensified. King S can teach you how to harness this energy for your benefit, to raise your consciousness, so you can reach ascension quicker. The journey may be difficult, but follow King S’s guidance and it will prove to be worth it in the end. King S sees this as an incredible spiritually advancing opportunity that you should be taking advantage of.

Furthermore, King S has incredible manifestation abilities and he would like to use his gifts to assist you. He is strongly aligned with the energy currents of abundance, growth, and prosperity. The solar energies in his realm provide a well of solar magick for King S to tap into. Whether you desire an increase or abundance of wealth, love, health or you desire growth in your psychic abilities, spiritual advancement, business, or even garden, King S can weave the energetic currents in your favor. You need only a candle (preferably yellow or gold) and to call to King S. Speak your intentions to him, light the candle, and allow him to manifest your desires by weaving the solar currents of abundance in your favor.

Vessel: .925 Sterling Silver Natural Baltic Amber Pendant

Message for King S’s future companion: You are in need of a positive influence. With all of the negativity you have been up against lately, I want you to know you do not have to face this fight alone. Allow me to guide you into a transition of positive change. Allow me to align you with the currents of abundance and assist you in balancing your divine masculine energy. Together we can prosper.


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