Solaren Phoenix L

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L appears as a large phoenix measuring roughly 10 feet long from the tip of her reddish beak to the ends of her fiery orange tail feathers. Atop L’s head are three, peacock-like feathers shaped similar to a lollipop. Thin and stick-like at the bottom, but fan out on the top like the eye of a peacock feather. The difference being her headdress consists of an array of yellow, orange, and red. L’s eyes resemble orange flames beautifully set against the golden plumage of her face. Her chest and underbelly are also golden in color, but her wings fade to burnt orange the further they stretch from her body. L’s long, lavish tail feathers are varying shades of orange; lighter towards her body and darker at the tips. Each of her 4-toed feet bare long, sharp, red talons. The tips of the feathers on L’s wings are engulfed in blood-orange incinerating flames that leave orange embers burning in her flapping trails.

Focused area of assistance:

L is an elevating Phoenix who is deeply familiar with the process of transformation. She has stepped forth to guide you through spiritual awakening as gently as she can. Enduring the transformations of spiritual awakening is not always rainbows and sunshine. Often times it can be trying and strenuous on the human psyche. Being from the Solaren realm, L naturally radiates joyous and uplifting energy to help soothe and calm you during your times of distress. She is wise beyond belief and has a lot of guidance and pertinent advice to offer you. By following L’s guidance, she can help you dissolve the illusions of who and what you are that have been imposed upon you by society, family, and friends. She can help you discover and connect with the real you; the inner you, and embrace a path of who you truly are and why you are here.

Message to companion:

Feeling lost or out of touch with who you are? Wondering who your core being is and what brought you here? You are more than just a human being. There is more to you than you can imagine at present. I can help crumble this false illusion that you and other forces have put in place for yourself. There is one thing I must warn. Once the fire of truth is ignited, it can not be stopped until your old self-beliefs are incinerated and you emerge from the ashes standing in your power of potential, with the self-actualization of who you truly are. If you are ready to experience the transformations of a spiritual awakening, I am ready to guide you.


Sunstone set in .925 Sterling Silver Pendant


This summary binding listing encourages you to spend time with your companion building a deeper relationship to uncover the more intimate details. Chosen by your companion, the provided scenic photo in the listing is to give you a glimpse into the mystery surrounding their energy and personality.