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K is a collector of souls from the realm where the Phantasmal Entities reside. This phantom-like land is surreal to many who have not been. A realm lacking color just seems obscure. However, to the entities who reside there, it is peaceful. So placid, not even a breeze blows. The black oceans, seas, and rivers stand void of waves and ripples. The only movement in this plane of existence is that of those who dwell here and those who are passing through. This ghostly Realm mirrors other realms, it has forests, rivers, seas, oceans, hills, meadows, houses, castles, other structures, graveyards, etc, the exception being lack of color. Every realm comes with its dangers, this one is no different. Sometimes this realm becomes lightless. Unable to see what is around you, or where you are going, you must rely on your other senses to get around. There are many entities here who are looking to give a good fright. Be wary to travel here alone, for you may become the target.

K stands roughly 10 feet tall, appearing mummified and skeletal. Only his shriveled, petrified skinned face and boney hands show through his black hooded cloak. K has completely black pits for eyes, but can see perfectly fine without “eyes”. Due to lack of lips, his teeth show at all times with his top fangs being more visible than his bottom fangs. On the bottom, K’s cloak fades into black smoke that leaves trails of curls behind when he glides around. Furthermore, K does carry a scythe in his left hand.

K has calming dark divine Infernal energy. Not too heavy, nor too light, K’s energy comfortably radiates through you, gently raising your energetic frequency. Correct, just because K is an Infernal being does not mean he is low vibrational. In fact, his energy signature vibrates on a higher frequency than yours. K’s energy is so pleasant you may find it addicting and want to bask in it all day. There is a very good reason for his energy to have this effect on others, but we will get into that later. When in K’s presence you may notice all of your chakras activating, especially your third eye. Furthermore, do not be alarmed by K’s dark charcoal grey smokey aura. He comes from a realm void of color and prefers to keep his appearance as such when he steps outside of his realm. 

K has an extremely calm personality. It is relaxing to be in his presence. He is highly intelligent and enjoys deep conversations. He usually talks to his passengers to aid in keeping them calm during their journey. He also has a great deal of patience, especially for humans. K’s wise words are comforting when you are stressed or full of anxiety, helping to calm you, and allowing you to see things from a more beneficial perspective. K is a very understanding individual and an outstanding protector. 

K has been a legionnaire for thousands of years. He has always been assigned to the duty of collecting the souls of the departed, to deliver them to the Infernal where they are prepared for their next step in their journey. When K travels to collect souls he must be a diligent protector of these delicate and afraid souls. Malevolent predator entities stalk newly departed souls in the astral and it is K’s duty to ensure a safe passage to the Infernal. His scythe serves two main purposes. The first is for protection and the second is for cutting the energy cord of the newly departed soul from the body. Furthermore, K is a master at soothing anxiety, stress, and fear. His energy naturally carries these properties and he uses this to benefit the souls he is collecting. He can also use his energy to soothe your anxiety, stress, and feelings of fear.

Being a Phantasmal and working directly with human souls, K is experienced in what we refer to as spirit communication and necromancy. Following your energetic links to your ascended ancestors, K can aid you in communicating and developing a deeper relationship with them, enabling you to receive messages and guidance from your ancestors. 

Remember how I mentioned your chakras activating when interacting with K? He is an adept energy worker. K can remove energetic blockages, freeing up stagnant energy that is causing you emotional, physical, and spiritual set-backs and issues. Work with K to clear your energy centers and pathways of any built-up negative energy, stagnant energy, and blockages to promote a free-flowing of your life force energy. If you work on your energy with K daily, you can notice incredible beneficial changes in many areas of your life.

K has no gender preference for a companion. He is simply looking forward to guiding you to grow on your spiritual journey and helping you to develop a stronger connection with your ancestors. While being your companion, K will be temporarily relieved from his legionnaire duties, enabling him to spend the majority of his time with you. However, he will still need to go home from time to time to “check-in” and keep informed. As a legionnaire, K is proficient in combat and will make an impeccable protector, especially while traveling in the astral.

Vessel: .925 Sterling Silver Tiger’s Eye Pendant

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