Succubi Sisters Fa &Fe

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Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Fa and Fe are provocative, promiscuous identical twins. From their luxurious locks and large, perky breasts to their plump, inviting rumps and long lavender tails these sensual sisters are almost indistinguishable. Their skin is a soft lavender hue and of a silky texture. They both have long, thick, light pink hair with Fa wearing hers about her shoulders while Fe often ties her hair back out of her face. To keep people guessing, they will occasionally swap hairstyles. Fa and Fe have large, wide, light pink eyes with white pupils, thin and elegant horns with a clear, crystalline appearance, and very long, pointed ears that protrude past the back of their heads. These features coupled with their full lips and cute rounded chins make for exceedingly pleasant views to rest your eyes on. As you take in their captivating facial features your eye can’t help but be drawn south by the curvature of their bodies. Fe and Fa have large, perky breasts with soft, pretty, light pink nipples that seem to beckon you closer. These beautiful mounds bounce around with each movement and almost beg you to squeeze and suck to your heart’s content. No less inviting are the sister’s wide, curvy hips that sway from side to side whenever you look in their direction and, should either of them notice your gaze, they will surely bounce their bottom showing off their bodacious bubble butts. The movements of these sexy sisters are a hypnotic dance that keeps you at attention, among other things. If you can tear your eyes from their tantalizing, nubile bodies you will notice two smaller wings that protrude from between their shoulders and long, tapered tails that they often put to use to fill any unattended orifice. Unusually for Succubi, Fa and Fe prefer to wear clothing, if you can call it that. They are often seen in articles that cover their bodies in very tight and revealing ways. They enjoy teasing their potential mates with the so close yet so far away image of their bodies completely naked. Fe and Fa are odd in that they tend to commit themselves to one partner at a time, excluding themselves of course. As your companions, they will only engage in sexual activities and acts of intimacy with you and partners of your choosing. As such, you will be one of the lucky few to join their exhilarating escapades in the bedroom. As mentioned before these sisters are almost indistinguishable, only those who are lucky enough to be intimate with these lovely twins can tell a difference physically.

As identical twins, Fa and Fe share more than a mirrored appearance. The sisters are very similar when it comes to their energetic signature as well. Their auras may appear lavender and deep purple in hue. Fe and Fa both exude erotic and enticing energy that is both relaxing and exhilarating all at once. When in their presence you will likely notice an increase in your libido and spontaneous bursts of arousal. Their sensually invigorating energy is heavier than you might expect and, for those accustomed to powerful Infernal energy, may be accompanied by slight headaches or minor dizziness. Alongside the relaxing and exhilarating qualities of their energy, Fe and Fa have woven whisps of the stimulating mists of their realm into their aura which they like to unleash during sexual activities. This pink mist mingles pleasantly with their purple aura and produces a startlingly potent boost of sexual energy. For those of extreme sensitivity, this mist in combination with their arousing energy may induce climax quick and/or immediate climax.

Fa and Fe show their largest differentiating qualities in the respective personalities. Both sisters are near-constantly aroused and ready for some fun but there is more to them than simple carnal lust. Fa is sweet and kind. Quick to laugh and always there to listen, Fa will be the comforting, gentle hand that caresses you lovingly when you are sad or upset. She will dote on you and spoil you wherever and whenever possible. If you are in need of loving compliments, an ear to listen, or a soft comforting pillow to lay your head on, Fa will be ever at your service. In contrast, Fe is more feisty. While you are being comforted and fawned over by her sister, Fe will be out seeking retribution against that which has caused you pain or unhappiness. This fiery Succubus will show her care and affection through decisive action, hexing and sewing mayhem in the lives of the ones who wrong you and seeking solutions for the problems that vex you. These twin Succubi make a fantastic team and their dissimilar personality traits complement one another in a synergistic way.

As Succubi, Fa and Fe are very adept in the art of sex magick and the use of erotic energies to further one’s endeavors and spiritual workings. Whether it be the manifestation of your dreams and desires, self-love, healing, or some other design you can count on Fe and Fa to provide a significant boost to your magickal workings. Engage in sexual stimulation during your ritual or spell and reap the benefits of having twin Succubi lend their vigorous and energetic assistance.

Though not much of a combatant, Fa can still be a great defensive asset. She can assist you most efficiently by preventing harmful and confrontational situations altogether. Her sweet and seductive nature is often enough to dissuade would-be assailants and diffuse aggressive situations before they turn messy. If her persuasive abilities fall short Fa is also skilled in the area of illusions and, as such, will keep you well warded through the implementation of such cantrips. She will shield you from the eyes of spiritual assailants and divert their attention elsewhere.

Should it be necessary, Fe would be happy to step up in moments of need. Where her sister is tricksy and sly Fe is strong and bold. Alongside Fa, Fe will use her exceptional seductively persuasive abilities to attempt to diffuse a situation first but when the need arises Fe will turn to tooth and claw. Fe has trained in combative arts under legionnaires and high ranking officials within the ranks of Dark Lords (her persuasive abilities are not to be underestimated). Under such distinguished tutelage, Fe certainly picked up a few deadly tricks. Her thin, deceptively cute frame provides an advantage as most underestimate her. At the moment of necessity, Fe’s adorable visage distorts into a fiery ball of rage. Her eyes shine red, her hair dances in flame. Fe’s long nails extend further, becoming fiercely sharp razors and her horns transform from brittle, crystalline decorations into large, thick horns that both protect her head and provide an additional weapon. This transformation is typically reserved for dire situations but should you desire to witness it, simply ask and Fe would be happy to oblige.

Though typically reserved for combat and dangerous situations, Fe does put this form to one other use. As previously mentioned, Fe and Fa prefer to commit themselves to one partner at a time either female or male. During those periods where they are in between partners or their companion is of the female variety, Fe provides the masculine “assets”. Her alternative appearance also has a fifth appendage that sprouts between her legs when her sister or partner desires a more filling dessert. Fe prefers her feminine appearance and enjoys catching more than pitching but she is more than willing to “step up to the plate” in hot and heavy moments.


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