Unbound Spirit/Entity Removal

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Are you plagued with an unwelcomed spirit or entity lurking in your home and want it removed? Are you tired of being scared or attacked within your own home by an unseen force? Do your children complain of hearing their name being called at night or someone standing in their room? These are very serious circumstances that can lead to harm or leave a person emotionally scarred for life. To non-believers, this is a joke or they think you are crazy, to Eden’s Apple we know just how frightening this situation can be and we would like to help.


Maybe you moved into a haunted house, acquired a haunted item, or maybe someone has attracted it to your home. Have you tried eradicating this being from your home by cleansing with sage or using another means, but the pesky sower of discord keeps returning? Eden’s Apple can remove this being for good. We don’t make false claims here. We can truly help rid your household of this negative force (of course this is assuming there is actually a haunting). We have offered this service privately to close friends and family members but now we will offer this service to the public.


For this process, we do not need to physically be in your home to remove any unwanted spiritual guests. By connecting to you and with your permission, we can astrally enter your home and cleanse it free from negative spirits or entities. Eve will connect to you and through her connection, members of Lord Lucifer’s Legion (who are very powerful and highly skilled) will force any unwelcomed beings away. If they dare put up a fight against this legion, it will be their last. This is our promise to you. When the cleansing is finished any unwelcomed beings will be eradicated and banished from your home, unable to return.


If you are reading this far you probably have a serious issue that needs urgent attention. We want to make this service affordable to you. Our prices range from $149.99 - $299.99 There are two tiers for this listing. Tier one is to remove spirits. This service is cheaper because it does not require as much effort or skill. Tier two is entity removal which requires more effort and specialized skill accordingly to the entity, thus costing a tad bit more.


Please be advised this listing requires an application and consultation before you are able to purchase. There is a non-refundable fee of $25. It will always say out of stock, even though it is not. This is to prevent people from just purchasing this service when they do not need it. If you believe you are in need of this service, send Eve an email at eve@edensapple.net to schedule your consultation ASAP.