Verrine's Healing Talisman

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Verrine is a powerful Demon who specializes in health and healing. There are many variations of spellings for her name, as well as, a debate if she is male or female. Working with Eve (and others, including S.Connelly) for the purposes of healing, Verrine has embodied the persona of a female. For all intents and purposes, Verrine will be referred to as she or her in this listing.


On the eve of the blue moon, Verrine created a Larimar Talisman to aid you in emotional healing. She weaved together her powerful divine dark energy with the potent rare blue lunar energy to create a tool that can assist with healing. Be it emotional wounds that haven’t closed up or past life trauma that left its imprint on your soul. Whatever the case may be, Verrine wants you to know all wounds heal and she created this talisman for people like you. Sometimes people need a little help to heal and move forward and that is okay.


Larimar is a powerful stone that naturally dissolves emotional blockages. It is a pastel blue stone that is formed underwater and resonates with the element related to emotions; water. Larimar is often referred to as the “Atlantis Stone”. Verrine took this Larimar stone and activated the emotional healing aspects in it, mixed in her divine dark energy, along with the rare lunar energies to create this unique powerful healing tool. (this type of blue moon occurs approximately every 2.7 years. Verrine's Healing Talisman can not be recreated until August 2021.) Now is the time for you to look deeply within and find your inner strength. It is time to begin your healing and you can do this with a little more ease using Verrine’s talisman.


Note: As with all of Eden’s Apple Talisman, when you are working with the talisman it can help you to form a connection with its creator if you so desire.