Spiritual Parasite Removal

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A Spiritual parasite removal is when we scan your aura and look for any negative entities or spiritual parasites that may be latching into you, and remove them. If people not careful and do not cleanse regularly they tend to build up negative energy residue in our auras. If not removed, this energy can lower your vibrations and attract a parasite. Usually, you won’t notice right away until it is too late and the parasitic entity has already latched on, making it difficult to remove. 

When parasites find a suitable host they tend to cling on and slowly drain the life force energy out of their host. This leaves you feeling fatigued and with that “I am not quite right” feeling. Not only does your energy deplete, but the spiritual parasite also affects your moods, and influences your thoughts negatively. These black tar looking parasites and black arts entities feed off of negative energy. Yes, feed, so if you are not around enough negativity to satisfy its hunger, the parasitic entity will create more negativity in your life to "eat". You may find yourself acting out of character. For instance, unexplained depression, irritability, high anxiety, lashing out at others, even arguing often for no reason, the list goes on. Worst-case scenario, it can make you suicidal, leading to an undesired outcome.

The longer the parasite stays attached to you, the more likely its tendrils will begin reaching through your aura and deep down into your energetic system. These tendrils can reach all the way to your core self, and also entangle them around and tether them to your major and minor energy points.  This dangerous scenario is usually when the parasitic entity has been attached to you for years thus making the removal extremely difficult. When this happens the removal takes longer for Lord Beelzebul, as he has to be delicate. If not removed properly, the process can harm you. For this reason, it is extremely important to have someone well who is well experienced in removing and destroying parasites. It also protects you from it returning to you.

Thankfully we are skilled at removing these pesky critters and this awful energy that causes such chaos in your life. Similar to our Ajna working, a scan is performed, a date is set to have the removal and healing to close up any holes in your aura performed. The scan and removal are completed by Lord Beelzebul, and the healing by Priestess Eve.


Not sure if you only have negative energy build-up or an actual spiritual parasite attached? No worries, the scan is only a small non-refundable fee of $25. If a parasite is found your $25 will be applied to the cost of the removal.  Email eve@edensapple.net to receive your scan before you make your purchase.