Frequently Asked Questions


Q: All of this is new to me and a little intimidating. I don’t know where to start. What is your advice?

 A: No worries, it is normal to feel like this at the beginning. Let us help you. If you are new to daemonics and/or are unsure of them, try adding a Solaren or Glacial companion to your spirit family. These two types of Daemons are on the lighter end of the dark arts spectrum, with the Solaren being the lighter of the two. If you are not accustomed to real Infernal dark arts energy, having a Glacial or a Solaren companion is a great way to introduce you to Infernal energy without being completely overwhelmed by a shift in intensely dark energy. If you do not mind a sexual companion who likes to touch you, (intimacy is not a requirement) who desires your attention and wants to give you their attention, welcome home an Incubus or Succubus. They can help you advance your clairsentience skills, helping you to learn to feel the energetic touches of your companions better. If you like to astral travel, work with an Infernal Pegasus or a Black Flame Phoenix. They are experienced in astral traveling, flying realm to realm, they can easily take you wherever you’d like to go. If you are looking for a companion for protection and do not have a lot of time to spend working with them, try an Infernal Drake. They are strong protectors and do not need a lot of attention (though they surely would welcome it). These six are great companions to introduce you to the Infernal energies!


It is always a good idea to look through our encyclopedia to understand the ranking system of the companions we offer.


Q: Do you accept payment plans?

 A: We do! For any service or companion binding that costs $100.00 +, we offer a payment plan. Please be advised Priestess Eve will not begin your order until you have paid in full. We ask 25% down and then you can make regular payments weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.


 Q: How long does a custom conjure take?

 A: The Priestess of Eden’s Apple, must take the time to conjure and give the initial interview to an entity that meets your qualifications. We must then further interview them and put the prospect companion through a series of tests to ensure there is no illusionary magick at play. This guarantees they are safe for human companionship. After he/she is determined safe, Priestess Eve and the said entity must come to a contract agreement. After the terms are stated and agreed upon more conversations will pursue to obtain the proper biography information. Once the biography is written and the sigil created only then will the ancient binding be performed and the vessel is shipped out to you or if you request a spirit binding, that is performed. Finding the right entity takes time, and the whole process takes roughly 15-30 business days. Total time for completion varies from entity to entity. We do not bind constructs/creations here and only bring forth authentic living entities. That being said, to find an entity who is aligned with your energy, matches exactly what you are looking for, are safe for human companionship, and are willing to bind usually is not a speedy process, if done correctly and with care. We take pride in our work and wish to deliver exactly what our clients ask for. 


 Q: Can the Entities hurt people?

 A:  The entities that we bring forth can not under ANY circumstances harm you. Their bindings prohibit it. If you are unfamiliar with how bindings work, understand this, they are literally unable to cause you harm. Furthermore, our Dark Arts Entities are not to be used as your personal weapons. They are not tools at your disposal to do your dirty deeds. They deserve to be respected. Yes, they will fight to protect you and themselves. Yes, they will cast baneful spells against your enemies in your defense. Yes, they can attack another person upon your request. We are simply urging you not to abuse the gift of having such powerful beings in your family. They adhere to the will of their human companion but are also intelligent enough to know when certain actions are not warranted. Unlike Black Arts Entities, Dark Arts Entities do not enjoy causing pain to innocents for their own pleasure.


 Q: What type of bindings do you offer?

 A: We offer spirit, vessel, and distance vessel bindings. (though we do not recommend too many spirit bindings) These bindings are comfortable for the entity but powerful and protected. This means even though the binding is strong the Entities have the capability to move freely between realms. There are no forced bindings. Any Entities you welcome into your family is here because they wished to join you. Our bindings are self-charging. You will not need to purchase a charging box. The methods used in our bindings are ancient and sacred methods taught to us by our Patron Dark Lord. Every binding is uniquely tailored to each conjure. Be forewarned, it is ill-advised that you or another try to tamper with our bindings. These bindings are protected and attempting to alter our bindings will only leave you in disappointment. 


Q: Can the Entity leave my spiritual family?

  A: Not likely it will happen, but yes, under very specific circumstances your companion can leave. We have an explicit contract with your companion. If at any point you mistreat them they have the option to leave you and the contract becomes null. Mistreatment includes abusive in any fashion, be it verbal, emotional, physical, even sexual, is not tolerated and the contract is negated. By welcoming an Entity into your family you agree to treat your companion with respect, as they will treat you in the same manner you treat them. So be careful. 


 Q: I cannot feel my Companion, have they left?

 A: As long as you have not abused them, they are there to stay. Your companion will not leave you because you have a lot going on in life and are busy. They understand Earthen life and will await your return. There are a couple of questions you must take into consideration. How developed are your psychic abilities? How long has it been since you last worked with them? If it has been a little while you may have become unattuned to their energy. Have you tried attuning yourself to their energy again? Try attuning yourself with their energy, often times this simple exercise works. If you are new to sensing energy or are not too advanced in that department, it may be difficult at first. It is ok, this is normal. Work with your companion daily. The more you work with them, the easier it will become to feel their energy and interact with them.


 Q: Can the entity bring forth more companions for me?

  A:   Of course! However, we must warn you that their friends can only come through us. That would be absurd to allow the Entities to bring forth anyone at any time. There is still a vetting process that entities must undergo and it is our duty to see this through. If you feel that your companion desires to bring a friend through for you, please contact us so we can discuss your options. You may receive dreams of the entity or your companion will flat out tell you. Rarely will the entity pop up to tell us, unless it is very important.